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Instagram Comment Scraper Legacy 2

The bot is managed by a third party. The team is doing their best to keep it afloat. If it breaks try restarting it after a while.

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About this bot

In short: This online tool scrapes comments from public Instagram posts. Click and have a look at this example output data file to see what kind of data the bot returns.

The bot does not extract comment replies. 

How to scrape Instagram comments?

That's it. The bot will start working and will return the comments as a spreadsheet once it's done scraping. You can set up the bot to send you a notification via Email, Slack, Telegram, or a JSON post request. 

Retrieved data

The bot will retrieve the following information:

  • Commenter username
  • Commenter avatar URL
  • Commenter ID
  • Comment posted date ("2021-08-06 16:26:22")
  • Comment posted date humanized ("3 minutes ago")


The bot returns "blank output" – what's wrong?

This bot needs constant maintenance, which is why it may break from time to time. If you see the "blank output" error, it means there are changes that need to be implemented, which normally takes me a day or so.


After the bot finishes the work, you can view the data online or download it as an Excel, JSON, or a CSV file. 

To use this bot you need to register or log in first.

Frequently asked questions

Depending on the number of users who are running this bot, it sometimes can take a while! Make sure to enable notifications (Slack, Telegram, or Email) to get a message when the bot completes the job.

No, this bot can only extract comments from posts that are publicly visible.

No, it does not.

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Wow, analyzing IG comments has never been so easy! Just a few fields to fill in, fast data extraction, and a convenient table always at hand. Terrific!

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This bot is absolutely indispensable for an SMM manager. Checking and classifying users' reaction to the videos helps us improve our content and grow our channel immensely. Much obliged to the developers!


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