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About this bot

In short: This bot scrapes Instagram followings' names and URLs of a specified account.

⚠️ The Instagram following checker can only extract information from publicly open Instagram profiles. If you paste a private profile, the Instagram following list won't load. ⚠️

Have a look at the example output data file to get a better understanding of how the Instagram followings list export works.

How to export Instagram following list online?

  • Sign up on Botster
  • Head to the bot's start page
  • Chose any Instagram account which is publicly open
  • Copy the username (e.g. jaredleto, no @ symbol needed)
  • Paste the username into the bot's input form
  • Select the number of followings you'd like to scrape
  • Click the "Start this bot" button

You are done! The Instagram following list viewer and downloader is now working and will notify once it’s done.

Returned data

  • Input
  • Username
  • Following URL
  • PK
  • Full name
  • Is private (true / false)
  • Profile pic URL
  • Profile pic ID
  • Is verified (true / false)
  • Has anonymous profile picture (true / false)
  • Latest reel media

You can extract Instagram following list to Excel, JSON, or CSV formats.


Private profiles

Due to obvious reasons, Instagram does not allow scraping followings lists of private profiles. If you set the bot to extract somebody’s Instagram following list, private accounts will be out of reach.

Duplicate or incomplete data

When viewing your results you may notice that a number of accounts are missing. Unfortunately in many cases, Instagram's frontend returns duplicate data which we automatically remove. After a series of investigations, we can conclude that there's nothing we can do about it (sadly). So, in a nutshell:

  • Instagram returns duplicates
  • We remove those duplicates, hence the total number of scraped profiles decreases
  • There's nothing we can do about it

Software walkthrough

1. Open the Launch bot form.

Click on the "Start bot" button on the right-hand side of this page to open the spider's form:

2. Enter the details.

Give your "Job" a meaningful title, and optionally specify (or create) a project folder:

3. Set the scraping limit.

Select how many Instagram followings you would like the bot to export:

4. Enter an Instagram username.

Open Instagram, copy the username of a publicly open account (no @ symbol needed), and paste it into a special field:

5. Specify time settings.

Click on the checkbox if you want this bot to scrape Instagram followings regularly:

Once you’ve clicked on the checkbox, the available options will appear. You can set the Instagram followings export bot to run:

  • every day
  • once a week
  • twice a week

If no longer needed, the job can be stopped either manually or at a certain date specified in advance:

6. Set up notifications.

Specify if you would like to receive a notification when the bot is done exporting Instagram followings:

7. Start the bot!

Click the "Start this bot" button on the right-hand side:

That's it! You will be taken to your "Jobs" section. The software is now working and will notify you once it's done.

Data output

After the bot completes the job you can import Instagram followings to Excel (XLSX), CSV or JSON.

To use this bot you need to register or log in first.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can. Create a free account on Botster, head to the Instagram Followings Scraper’s start page, fill in the fields, and launch the bot. This tool works online. No desktop installation is required.

Open Instagram, export following list as described above, click on the menu in the top right corner, and select the CSV icon. The file formats available for downloading include CSV, Excel, JSON, and Google Sheets.

Open the Instagram followings data scraping tool’s start page, enter a publicly open Instagram account, select the number of followings to extract, and launch the bot. This tool was created using the Python programming language but you don’t need any coding skills to use it.

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Very nice. This bot scrapes IG followings and it has a twin brother that scrapes IG followers 👬

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Awesome tool for Instagram marketing campaigns!


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