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About this bot

In short: This online tool will scrape Instagram posts that have a certain hashtag.

Click to view the example data output file for a better idea of the result.

⚠️ No # symbol needed. ⚠️

Why scrape posts from Instagram hashtag feed?

You can scrape Instagram hashtags feed for multiple business-related purposes including SEO, SMM, products promotion and many more.

The bot can easily grab the following details:

  • Post URL
  • Taken at
  • Taken at date
  • Text
  • Media type
  • Code
  • Short name
  • Name
  • Username
  • User URL
  • Is private (true / false)
  • Full name
  • Address
  • City
  • Lng
  • Lat
  • Is eligible for guides (true / false)
  • Accessibility caption
  • Caption is edited
  • Like and view counts disabled
  • Commerciality status
  • Is paid partnership (true / false)
  • Comment count
  • Title
  • Product type (e.g. feed, carousel container, etc.)
  • Is post live (true / false)
  • Original width
  • Original height
  • Has anonymous profile picture (true / false)
  • Has highlight reels (true / false)
  • Like count
  • Can see insights as brand (true / false)
  • Has audio (true / false)
  • Video duration
  • View count

How to find top posts on Instagram by hashtag?

  • Sign up on Botster
  • Go to the bot's start page
  • Select the number of posts to scrape (per hashtag)
  • Paste the hashtags. No # symbol needed (e.g.: learnenglish)
  • Click the "Start this bot" button

That's it – the Instagram hashtags extractor has started its crawl!


Hashtag insertion

A hashtag is a tag that is prefaced by the hash symbol, #.

Make sure you’ve inserted your hashtags without the # symbol and without white spaces, otherwise the bot won’t return any results. For example, paste englishclasses (not ‘#englishclasses’ or ‘english classes’).

Software walkthrough

1. Open the Launch bot form

Click on the "Start bot" button on the right-hand side of this page to open the spider's form:

2. Enter the details

Give your "Job" a meaningful title, and optionally specify (or create) a project folder:

3. Specify the number of posts.

Select how many posts you would like the bot to scrape:

4. Insert the hashtags.

No # symbol needed. Each hashtag must go on a new line:

5. Specify time settings.

Click on the checkbox if you want this bot to find Instagram posts by hashtags and extract them regularly:

Once you’ve clicked on the checkbox, the available options will appear. You can set the bot to run:

  • every day
  • once a week
  • twice a week
  • once a month

You can set the job to run until stopped manually or to stop at a certain date.

If no longer needed, the job can be stopped either manually or at a certain date specified in advance:

6. Set up notifications.

Specify if you would like to receive a notification when the Instagram top posts finder completes the crawl:

7. Start the bot!

Click the "Start this bot" button on the right-hand side:

That's it! You will be taken to your "Jobs" section. The software is now working and will notify you once it's done scraping Instagram posts.

Data output

After the bot completes the job you can download your data as an Excel (XLSX), CSV or JSON file.

To use this bot you need to register or log in first.

Frequently asked questions

To find trending posts, select one or more trending hashtags, insert them into a special field on the Instagram Hashtag Feed Scraper’s start page (no # symbol needed), specify the number of posts to scrape, and launch the bot.

Paste the hashtags into a special field on this page, specify how many posts you would like to scrape, and start the bot. No # symbol needed.

Once the bot is done scraping, click on the menu in the top right corner, select the Excel icon, and the spreadsheet will be saved to your computer.

Thumb carter

Brilliant tool! The whole hashtag feed is now always at hand.

Thumb grace

As an SMM manager, I can say that this bot is very helpful. I analyze the hashtag feed and create highly competing IG posts.


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