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This software is unofficial and is not affiliated with Instagram in any way. Use it at your own risk. Before using the software make sure to read the official Terms of Use of Instagram.

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About this bot

TL;DR: This online tool extracts all sorts of data from Instagram accounts, including personal and business information, as well as business data from "creator" accounts.

Have a look at the example output file for a better idea of what the bot does.

Video tutorial

See the video where I explain how the bot works in detail:

How to scrape data from Instagram?

  • Sign up for SEOBOTS
  • Login to Instagram.com in your browser (use any account) 
  • Download our official Chrome Extension to connect your IG account to SEOBOTS.io
  • Open the bot's start page
  • Paste in URLs to Instagram profiles for the bot to scrape (e.g. https://instagram.com/beyonce)
  • Press the "Start Bot" button

That's it. Now wait for the results to roll in.


You can freely scrape up to 100 profiles at a time, using a single session_id.

However, you should limit the maximum amount of profiles you scrape to 200 PER DAY. Instagram will simply not let you scrape anything over that number.

If you go over Instagram's scraping limitations you may experience delays in data retrieval, however, your account will not get banned or suspended. 

Retrieved data

  • Profile URL
  • Profile image URL
  • Profile name
  • Full name
  • Instagram id
  • Total post count of the user
  • Followers count
  • Followings count
  • User bio
  • User website
  • Business email
  • Business phone number
  • Business address
  • Email from bio (in case the user mentioned their email in the bio)
  • Verified status
  • List of your common friends
  • Account privacy status
  • Your relationship with the user (following / not following)
  • Latest post date

Scrape data from Instagram with ease!

Business accounts

The bot also understands whether it's scraping information from a business account and will return the following fields:

  • Is a business account? (returns true / false)
  • Business email
  • Business phone number
  • Business address

Data output

After this Instagram parser finishes the work, you can view the data online or download it as an Excel, JSON or a CSV file. 


If you have any requests, drop them in the comment section below 👇 and we will make it happen!

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Frequently asked questions

Our tests show that it is safe to scrape about 100 profiles pre day.

Easy! Sign up for SEOBOTS, install our Chrome plugin, login to Instagram.com on your computer, and start the bot.

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Really cool bot. Exported exactly what I needed.

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Great tools! The IG scraper is the alternative I was searching for since the previous provider shut down in November.


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