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About this bot

TL;DR: This online tool extracts tweets of a publically open Twitter account using the official API. 

Click to view an example output file.

Scraping tweets from Twitter Video tutorial

Watch the video demo:

How to extract tweets from a Twitter profile?

  • Sign up for Botster
  • Open the bot's start page
  • Select the number of tweets to scrape (10 to 1000)
  • Tune the filters: select the acceptable range of likes and retweets
  • Chose whether you would like to skip retweets or replies
  • Paste the link to the profile (
  • Click the "Start this bot button"

That's it!

Data output

Once the bot completes the job, you can view the data online or export and download the tweets as an Excel, CSV or a JSON file. 

Known limitations

The current maximum number of tweets we can export is limited to 1000.

To use this bot you need to register or log in first.

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This tool helped me a ton with my research on social media. THANK YOU!

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