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from $150
Custom bots
for your business

Scale up. Automate anything you can imagine.

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Custom bot
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Scrape the web:
  • Scrape information from websites
  • Extract data and make sense of it
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Monitor data changes:
  • Monitor competitors
  • Track uptime
  • Data aggregation monitoring and reporting
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Automate actions:
  • Navigate web pages and perform actions
  • Automate QA
  • Work with databases
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Complex integrations:
  • Custom APIs
  • Enterprise software solutions
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Custom online
Why order your project
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Managed development

Describe your bot and let us manage the whole development process.

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Fast delivery

Standard non-enterprise grade project are delivered within 10 business days.

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Strict confidentiality

After the release, your bots will be only available to you and your team members, privately.

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On-demand maintenance

Adding extra features after the release is possible at a standard hourly rate.


Project prices are calculated individually based on the complexity of their execution and required maintenance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bot development prices vary depending on the complexity and the desired functionality. For example, the most basic solutions can start at only $150. To get an exact quote, make sure to contact us.

Development timeframes heavily depend on the functionality of the bot. "Simple" bots can take up to 10 business days or less to produce, while serious integrations can take up to a few weeks. To get a better idea, make sure to contact us.

Only you! Additionally, you can share it with your colleagues, but they will need to sign up on BOTSTER first.

This will depend on the data sources and API dependencies of your bot. For example, if the bot will need to access a paid database on a recurring basis, your account might be charged for that access. In any case, you will get all of that information in advance, so no hidden fees arise.

Once your bot is releasesd to production, you can find it in your Bot Library.

We are listening! Go ahead and send us an email: or use the form below.

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Or send a message to if you're still unsure.

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