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Advanced automation platform
Marketplace of mini-applications (aka "bots") that help automate routine tasks, monitor and harvest data.
Businesses that value their employees' time
It doesn't matter whether you're a solopreneur or a large business – there are tasks that should be delegated to computers.
Fight routine and win your time back
Humans should spend their time on solving creative problems instead of performing repetitive tasks and doing a robot's job.
Automate your
workflows and
save human hours

Hi, I'm Denis and I'm the founder of Botster. For the past several years our company had been helping international businesses of all shapes and sizes with automating their tasks, data harvesting and scaling their processes.

Willing to automate parts of my job back when I worked as a freelance programmer I created the first version of this platform as a hobby project back in 2016. Over time I've witnessed the demand for automation grow rapidly and switched to run the project full-time. Currently Botster is run by distributed team working 100% remotely. Feel free to follow my entrepreneurial journey on X / Twitter or if you have business inquiries, send me a message on LinkedIn.

We have long-lasting plans that span years ahead, including spreading the knowledge about the benefits of business automation throught the means of our Academy, which is currently getting shaped as a YouTube channel.

We believe that humans should spend their working time on solving creative problems, instead of going through mundane tasks over and over again, which is why we are building web robots suitable for taking routines off peoples' shoulders.

Denis Grammakov
Founder, Botster
Changing the way successful businesses work

Botster is a web platform that allows users from all over the world to enhance their capabilities and increase their productivity by utilizing automation programs (aka "bots") to the benefit of their business.

Bots deployed
100 000+
Human hours saved
50 000+
Integrations available
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