Send bot reports to your Telegram

If you're an avid Telegram user, you can now send bot reports from Botster to your account!

Why Telegram?

All of our bots have a built-in notification feature. There are several ways notifications can be delivered, including e-mails, but we believe Telegram currently stands out as the most convenient option.

Telegram’s advantages

  • Promptness. As soon as the bot executes its algorithm, the corresponding notification arrives instantaneously.
  • Convenience. You can receive the notifications anywhere and on any platform, be it a desktop PC, a smartphone or a tablet.
  • Stability. As opposed to free e-mail servers, which are notorious for being prone to outages and having considerable delays in processing the “correspondence”, Telegram is stable and takes mere seconds to deliver notifications.

How to opt in for Telegram notifications

The option to activate Telegram notifications is located in the lowermost block of a given bot’s launch form.

  • Enable Telegram as your preferred way of delivering notifications by activating a corresponding checkbox among the other notification options.
  • Connect your account by pressing “Connect to Telegram” (or by clicking here), which will create a new dialogue with Botster in the Telegram app.
  • A unique 6-digit code will appear next to the “Connect to Telegram” button – please copy the code into your dialogue with the newly added bot.
  • If your account is linked successfully, you will receive a confirmation message from Botster.

Using the notifications

After going through all the steps as outlined above, you will start to receive Telegram notifications every time you run any of our bots, given you select the corresponding delivery method. These notifications will contain a link to view or download the results, as well as monitoring statuses and other critical information.

If you happen to have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact form!