BOTSTER Affiliate Program: Let's Grow Together

Earn 10% commission off our profits from each sale you bring us. A simple affiliate program that helps you monetize your content and create a stable passive income stream.

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10% Commission Forever

Every time a user tops up her account you get 10% of our post-VAT earnings.

Simple Payouts

Withdraw your funds using PayPal or Payoneer when you need them.

Simple stats

Your sales data is available at a glance on your personal dashboard.

How does it work?

Becoming an affiliate and creating your sign-up links is extremely simple

Sign up on BOTSTER

Create your free account

Copy your affiliate links

Log in to your Affiliate Partner dashboard

Share your affiliate links with the crowd

Place them in your content, tweets, blog posts or any other forms of media

Wait for sales to roll in

See the summary of your sales on your Dashboard

Get paid

Earn commission from every sale you make. That easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will earn a 10% comission off every sale profit that we make from users who signed up through your affiliate links. Every time a user tops up her account, our payment processor will deduct the VAT off the sale and you will get 10% of the remaining profits.

For example, a user from Australia signs up using one of your affiliate links. She then tops up her account with $50 (USD). Australian VAT is 10%, which means our profit is $45. Since the affiliate commission is 10%, your profit from the sale will equal $4.5.

To get your affiliate links you will first need to sign up for botster and then follow this link. You can then copy your unique affiliate links or even create your own.

You can get your payouts multiple times per month, as long as they satisfy the minimum payout level, which is currently set at $20 (USD).

The current minimum payout is set as $20 (USD).

Absolutely. You will get the same comission on recurring sales, you do on regular ones.

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