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No-code bots for data retrieval, monitoring and automation

Your personal robot army to automate work process and routines

Automate repetitive actions
Scale time-consuming tasks
Harvest data from the web

Monitor Amazon
Price Changes

Extract comments from Youtube

Periodically check
Google reviews

Monitor web page
for content changes

Send E-mail alert

Upload to Google Drive

Send new reviews
to Zapier

Send JSON POST request


Ready-made solutions


Integrations available

100 000+

Human hours saved

Tools and integrations for every use-case

SEO workflows

Check indexation, research and group keywords, monitor pagespeed

Lead generation

Find contact information, screen candidates, enrich CRM with details

Brand monitoring

Online mentions, reviews, DMCA and plagiarism protection, leak detection

Data extraction

Scheduled extraction, webpage element monitoring, API access


Monitor prices, track ad data, extract product information

And so much more

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Platform capabilities

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Successfully used by

Small and medium businesses

  • Lead generation
  • Competitor monitoring
  • Inventory management
  • Customer feedback extraction
  • Data delivery automation
  • SEO workflows and monitoring

Marketers, agencies and SEOs

  • Brand mention monitoring
  • Customer data extraction
  • Keyword research streamlining
  • Competitor activity monitoring
  • Custom workflow creation
  • Website performance monitoring

Large enterprises

  • Data migration automation
  • Monitoring supply chain performance
  • Streamlining financial reporting
  • Extracting market insights
  • Monitoring regulatory compliance
  • Custom API development

Botster is more than a SAAS tool

Tech support

Flexible business solutions

Flexible pricing

Let the robots do the work!

Welcome to Botster! Our platform was born out of my personal experience of struggling with routine tasks which I knew could be automated. Today, Botster is helping businesses from all around the world save time and achieve their automation goals. Thank you for choosing Botster!

Denis Grammakov

Denis Grammakov

Founder, Botster

Custom business projects

Tailored for outstanding results

Some large-scale projects go beyond our standard offerings. That's why we offer customized services and solutions tailored to your unique needs and requirements.

Extract web data
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Data monitoring
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Custom datasets
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Custom bots
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Custom business projects

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