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About this bot

In short: This bot ensures that URL A redirects to URL B and sends you a notification if the redirect stops working.

The need to set up redirect pages from one resource to another can arise due to a number of reasons – owning multiple domains, migrating a subdomain, etc. It’s very important to ensure all your redirect chains are fully operational – otherwise, the malfunctioning redirect pages are going to be responsible for the frustration and consequent drop-off of plenty of users. This is where Redirect Chain Monitor comes in. 

The tool checks if the redirect chain from URL A to URL B is working as intended and sends a notification in case something breaks down.


Enter the original URL along with the destination URL and choose the desired frequency of checks: 

  • Once or twice per day;
  • Once or twice per week.

Select whether you’d like the bot to run indefinitely or self-terminate on a chosen date. Finally, pick the notification delivery method you prefer:

  • E-mail;
  • Slack;
  • Telegram.

After each check, the bot will send you a notification outlining all the redirect errors (provided there are any).

Why is Redirect Chain Monitor useful?

Redirect pages are an essential part of every website’s toolkit – if they stop functioning properly, the structural integrity of your resources is put at risk. This tool will make sure everything is working as intended by periodically monitoring the redirect chains and notifying you in case it runs into any errors, ensuring that your websites are fully interlinked every step of the way.

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