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About this bot

In short: Sitemap Tester bot checks every URL in an XML sitemap and returns their status codes.

Will scan a maximum of 10 000 URLs.

Have a look at the example results file generated by the bot.

How to check sitemap for broken links: video tutorial

Watch a short video on how to use this and two more SEO tools:

How to check sitemap.xml URLs?

A conceptually simple bot with great practical value, XML Sitemap Checker makes sitemap maintenance a breeze by parsing all links contained in the XML sitemap and compiling the response codes these links return (e.g. 404, 301, 200) into a single file. Website owners may find this tool convenient and time-efficient because it obviates the need for manual maintenance, instantly revealing all dead links and redirects on a given website.


This bot needs virtually no pre-configuration to run its magic. Just enter the sitemap’s URL and pick the notification delivery method you prefer out of the following:

  • E-mail;
  • Slack;
  • Telegram.

The bot will shortly send you a table containing all links along with the corresponding response codes. 

Such a test is indispensable if you are migrating a website or carrying out a website audit.

Why check XML Sitemap URLs?

When migrating a website to a new server or platform, some unwanted redirects and errors are bound to pop up in the sitemap. They can also appear when making routine changes to the website’s content, sections etc. Search engine crawlers primarily use sitemaps for indexation – if it contains mistakes, the crawler will not be able to map out the website properly, which will adversely affect its SEO performance. This tool makes it very easy to make sure your sitemap is current and error-free and fix any dead links and other unwanted hiccups.

To use this bot you need to register or log in first.

Endpoint: POST https://botster.io/api/v2/bots/sitemap-checker

Request body:

input string or array of strings (required)
URL of the Sitemap

cron string (optional)
Set periodicity with which the process should execute. Use cron format.
Example: 0 8 * * * - run every day at 8AM

new_items_only boolean (optional)
The file will contain only the new items that appeared since the latest data crawl.

Your file is being prepared...