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Monitoring bots
Reporting bots
Complex integrations
Web automation
Financial data
API workflows
Sends an alert whenever a URL responds with anything other than 200
Periodically checks whether a certain link is present on a web page and sends an alert if it's gone.
Periodically checks every URL in a sitemap and sends you a message if any of the URLs return errors.
Returns status codes for up to 5,000 submitted URLs.
Regularly ensures your URLs redirect to proper locations.
Sends periodic reports with your Pagespeed scores and performance.
Monitors item quantities changes of a Shopify store.
Monitors keyword mentions on Google and various social networks.
Monitors an RSS feed and notifies you if changes are made.
Sends a notification when a domain is about to expire.
Extracts domain information from the WHOIS database.
Returns a list of websites that contain a certain image.
Scans the HTML code for keywords

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