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About this bot

In short: this bot monitors an RSS feed and sends Slack, Telegram or Email notifications once the feed updates.

How to monitor RSS feed for updates?

Monitoring RSS feeds with SEOBOTS is very easy (and free to try):

  • Sign up for SEOBOTS
  • Go to the bot's start page
  • Paste the link to your RSS feed
  • Select the check interval (for example, check the feed every 10 minutes)
  • Select whether you would like to get updates if no change was detected
  • Select the notification method (email, Slack, Telegram)
  • Launch the bot

That's it! The bot will now start and will send you notifications once it detects an update to the feed. 

You can navigate to the job's page to view all the logged updates as well as change your preferences (update time intervals or notification options).

To use this bot you need to register or log in first.

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