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About this bot

In short: This online tool will monitor RSS feed updates and send Slack, Telegram, Email or Zapier notifications once the feed is updated.

Why use the RSS feed checker tool

Automated RSS monitoring allows you to stay up-to-date on everything that a selected website publishes via RSS channels. This is a perfect way to save your time and to spare yourself the need of checking for updates manually.

If you’re overwhelmed and busy, RSS feed automation is a great way to make sure you never miss important content. You’ll always get a timely RSS alert whenever your favorite website’s content is updated.

How to check RSS feed of a website

  • Sign up on Botster
  • Go to the bot's start page
  • Paste the link to your RSS feed
  • Set the keyword filters
  • Select the check interval (for example, check the feed every 10 minutes)
  • Select the notification method (email, Slack, Telegram, Zapier)
  • Click the "Start this bot" button.

That's it! The RSS feed monitor will now start and will send you notifications once it detects an update to the feed.

You can navigate to your RSS feed monitoring job's page to view all the logged updates as well as change your preferences (update time intervals or notification options).

Software walkthrough

1. Open the Launch bot form.

Click on the "Start bot" button on the right-hand side of this page to open the spider's form:

2. Enter the details.

Give your "Job" a meaningful title, and optionally specify (or create) a project folder:

3. Enter your RSS feed link.

4. Set the filters (optional).

Specify which keywords should (not) be included into the forwarded RSS feed:

5. Specify time settings.

You can set the RSS tracker to run:

  • every 10 minutes
  • every 30 minutes
  • every hour
  • every day
  • twice a day
  • once a week
  • twice a week

If no longer needed, the RSS monitor can be stopped either manually or at a certain date specified in advance:

6. Set up notifications.

Specify if you would like to receive RSS feed alerts about the latest content updates to your email, Slack, Telegram, or Zapier:

7. Start the bot!

Click the "Start this bot" button on the right-hand side:

That's it! You will be taken to your "Jobs" section. The monitor RSS bot is now working and will notify you every time when a content update is detected.

To use this bot you need to register or log in first.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can. Select ‘email’ on the final stage of the bot setup, and you will receive an RSS email alert every time when the feed is updated.

No, it doesn’t. All you need to do is create a free account on Botster. The bot will work online.

Yes, you can. Open the bot’s start page, enter a podcast site RSS link, and launch the bot. You’ll receive RSS alerts every time a new podcast is published.

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