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Monitoring bots
Reporting bots
Complex integrations
Data scraping
Web automation
Financial data
API workflows
Scrapes Booking.com hotel data from a list of properties.
Monitors keyword mentions on Google and various social networks.
Monitors an RSS feed and notifies you if changes are made.
Forward JSON POST requests to your messengers
Checks if the IP addresses are real.
Finds public company information based on the provided website URL.
Exports all DNS records for a domain.
Extracts Booking com customer reviews for a given hotel.
Extracts TripAdvisor search results
Scrapes TripAdvisor reviews for a given place of interest.
Checks if the phone numbers are valid.
Exports peer-to-peer (P2P) cryptocurrency rates and their meta-data from Binance
Scans the HTML code for keywords
Bulk-finds addresses by their zip codes.
Finds zip codes by addresses in bulk.
Converts latitude and longitude to addresses in bulk.
Bulk-checks locations by IP addresses.
Captures screenshots by URLs in bulk
JSON to Email forwarder

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