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About this bot

In short: This online tool can instantly check whether certain markup elements are present or missing on a website.

This may be useful for SEO experts, owners or web programmers because it allows to quickly identify problems with the website and solve them efficiently.

The tool is especially handy when there are multiple websites to manage, since it streamlines the process of tracking changes and locating issues in their markup.

How it works

The initial step is to assign a unique name to the current task and choose an output folder. Afterwards, you can set up the following parameters:

  1. URL of the webpage you’d like to check.
  2. Element type:
    • H1
    • title tag
    • meta description
    • canonical tags.
    • You can input a specific selector provided that you know its .class or #id.
  3. Condition – exists or does not exist, contains/does not contain a certain text, fully identical to a certain text, empty.

The next block of settings allows to configure how frequently the bot should probe the website for the preset conditions.

  • Every 10, 30 or 60 minutes;
  • Once or twice per day;
  • Once or twice per week.

Next, you may choose whether the bot should hibernate at a certain date or continue running until turned off manually. Setting a deadline is optional – the bot will be fully operational regardless.

After choosing a convenient notification delivery medium (e-mail, Slack or Telegram), you can configure if the notifications should only be sent in case the bot actually triggers, or if you’d like to receive them on schedule regardless.

Why is Element Checker useful?

When building a website, you need to use an array of different tags and classes to ensure that everything works smoothly and search engines are nice and agreeable. However, it is quite simple to forget or accidentally delete an essential string in the process of coding, which can massively hinder the website’s performance.

By sifting through the code and verifying that all the necessary elements are up and running, this bot acts as an extra layer of defense, enabling web experts to double-check for accidental omissions and quickly address them.

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