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Regular user here. This is the best and quickest way to find subdomains of a site. Super-cheap, really simple interface.

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Helpful tool. Using it for my SEO audits. Quick and easy to use. Recommended 👍


About this bot

In short: This script finds and outputs up to 1 000 subdomains for a selected website. To look for the subdomains, the script checks several indexed databases that are updated regularly.

Click to view sample output data file.

How to find subdomains of a website? Video tutorial

Watch this video walkthrough to understand how the subdomain finder tool works in detail:

Subdomain finder data

If any subdomains were found in the database, the algorithm will return the following:

  • Subdomain
  • Total IPs - the number of IP addresses pointing to the subdomain
  • Total subnets - the number of subnets, pointing to the subdomain
  • Total domains - total amount of external domains, pointing to the subdomain
  • Total unique links - total external unique links, pointing to this subdomain
  • Total links in - total number of external links, pointing to this subdomain
  • linkRank - subdomain link health (more is better)

You can view the data online, or download it as CSV, Excel or JSON files.

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Pricing options

Subdomains for 1 domain

The bot will return up to 1000 known subdomains of a website which you can then download as a CSV or Excel file.

  • Up to 1000 subdomains
  • Excel or CSV available
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250 credits~$0.25