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About this bot

In short: This tool allows you to group your keywords by their topical relevance. Ideal for SEOs and PPC specialists.

Take a look at a sample keywords list that was grouped using this bot.

How to group keywords by topic: video tutorial

Watch a quick demo of this and two other powerful SEO tools:

How does the SEO keyword grouping tool work?

Bot mechanics

The mechanics of the tool are simple: the bot parses the current Google search result pages for each keyword and identifies whether the provided keywords can fit on the same web document based on the current Google's output. 

Input data

To start the bot you will need to provide the following information:

  • Region - pick the region for which you will need to perform your clusterization. 
  • Language - pick the desired language.
  • Grouping rate - the higher the number, the more groups the bot will create with fewer keywords in each of them.
  • Grouping type
    • Soft - there will be no keyword intersection within the groups
    • Moderate - some keywords may present in several groups
    • Hard - many keywords will intersect, each keyword may present in several groups
  • Keywords - finally, copy in your list of keywords

Why group your keywords?

If you are working on website siloing or grouping your keywords for AdWords, keyword grouping automation is priceless, especially on a large number of key words. Clusterizing also comes in handy when working on your Ad groups, as well as planning out your SEO strategy.


What does No Group mean?

It means that the keyword phrase is unique to the keyword list that you provided, and it did not share any SERPs with other queries. Basically, this No Group keyword is a group in itself.

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Endpoint: POST

Request body:

input string or array of strings (required)

cluster_type string (required)
Grouping type
Possible values:


region_key (required)

region_lang (required)

cluster_count (required)
Grouping rate

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