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About this bot

In short: This online tool will export Amazon reviews about the given products.

Click to view the example data file for a better idea of the output.

⚠️ To launch the Amazon reviews scraper, you will need to provide the products' ASIN codes. These can be found in the ‘Product information’ section on the product’s page on ⚠️

Video tutorial

Watch the video walkthrough that shows how to extract Amazon reviews into an Excel file

Why scrape Amazon reviews?

One of the most demanded Amazon review scraping services, this bot can be used for multiple business-related purposes, such as:

  • Improving the assortment of your online shop
  • Studying demand and supply
  • Analyzing your customers’ preferences
  • Generating new leads

This smart Amazon review exporter will grab the following details:

  • ASIN
  • Title
  • Text
  • Date
  • Rating
  • Title
  • User name
  • Number of ‘Helpful’ marks
  • Image URL list
  • Verified? (true / false)

How to scrape Amazon product reviews?

  • Sign up on Botster
  • Go to the bot's start page
  • Paste the products' ASIN codes
  • Select the number of reviews to scrape (per product)
  • Specify the domain zone
  • Select which reviews should be scraped first (new / helpful)
  • Add URL filters if necessary
  • Click the "Start this bot" button

That's it – the bot has started web scraping Amazon reviews!


ASIN code

To export reviews from Amazon, you will need to enter the products’ ASIN codes.

ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) is a ten-digit alphanumeric code that identifies the items sold on Amazon. It's unique for each product.

To find a product’s ASIN, scroll the page down till the ‘Product information’ section. You’ll find ASIN in the table to your left:

Software walkthrough

1. Open the Launch bot form

Click on the "Start bot" button on the right-hand side of this page to open the Amazon review export bot's form:

2. Enter the details

Give your "Job" a meaningful title, and optionally specify (or create) a project folder:

3. Paste ASINs.

You can enter one or more ASIN codes for the Amazon reviews exporter to process. Each ASIN must go on a new line:

4. Specify the number of reviews to scrape.

The Amazon review extractor can retrieve up to 400 testimonials about each product during one session:

5. Specify the domain(s).

Selecting a domain when scraping Amazon customer reviews will allow you to specify the country.

Available domain zones: com (USA, set as default), eg, br, ca, mx, cn, in, jp, sg, ae, sa, fr, de, it, nl, pl, es, se, tr, uk, au.

6. Specify the Amazon review scraping order.

Set the bot to retrieve either new or helpful reviews first:

7. Provide additional filters.

To narrow your results when scraping reviews from Amazon, you can specify additional URL parameters. Copy the part of the URL starting from the ? sign and paste it into the ‘Filters’ field:

8. Set up notifications

Specify if you would like to receive a notification when the Amazon review data scraper completes the crawl:

9. Start the bot!

Click the "Start this bot" button on the right-hand side:

That's it! You will be taken to your "Jobs" section. The Amazon review finder is now working and will notify you once it's done.

Data output

After the bot has managed to extract Amazon reviews for all the products you’ve specified, you will be able to download your data as an Excel (XLSX), CSV or JSON file.

To use this bot you need to register or log in first.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can. The Amazon Review Scraper will retrieve not only the text of the customers’ testimonials but also user names, dates, the number of ‘Helpful’ marks, and other important details.

Scraping Amazon reviews using this bot is absolutely legal because it only retrieves the information that is publicly available.

Once the Amazon Review Scraper is done retrieving the data, click on the menu in the top right corner and select ‘Download results (CSV)’. The file will be automatically saved to your computer.

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The bot scrapes Amazon reviews and puts the ones considered helpful by the users into a separate column. An awesome function!

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I find it very convenient to analyze reviews in bulk. This bot helps me improve the assortment of my small online shop!


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