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About this bot

In short: This tool displays CPC and search volume for keywords on Google in bulk based on the Google Keyword Planner’s data.

Click to view the example results file for a better idea of the output.

How to use the Google keyword search volume tool: Video tutorial

Watch a quick video guide on how to check keyword search volume in bulk:

Why scrape CPC and Google search volume by keyword?

This fast and simple Google keywords search volume tool can be used for multiple business-related purposes, including:

  • SEO optimization
  • Site promotion
  • Professional blogging
  • Copywriting
  • Online sales, etc.

Our Google search volume keyword tool can easily grab the following details:

  • Keyword
  • Volume
  • 1st position cost-per-click

How to find Google search volume and CPC for a list of keywords?

You can access Google Keyword Tool search volume data using Botster:

  • Sign up on Botster
  • Open the bot's start page
  • Select the target geo region or leave "Independent" for Global volume
  • Paste the list of keywords
  • Press the "Start this bot" button

That's it – the Google keyword search volume checker has started working!


Some keywords' volume numbers seem to be too low / too high.

Yes, we know. However, we're providing exact numbers from Google Keyword Planner's API.

Data validation and export

Once the keywords search volume checker completes its job, you will receive a notification to your email, Slack, or Telegram account.

You can view the CPC rates and the monthly search volume of keywords online or download the data as a JSON, CSV, or Excel file.

Software walkthrough

1. Open the Launch bot form.

Click on the "Start bot" button on the right-hand side of this page to open the spider's form:

2. Enter the details.

Give your "Job" a meaningful title, and optionally specify (or create) a project folder:

3. Select your region.

The results of the keyword search volume check highly depend on the region:

4. Enter your keywords.

Each query must go on a new line:

5. Set up notifications.

Specify if you would like to receive a notification when the grabber is finished finding keyword search volume and CPC rates for your queries:

6. Start the bot!

Click the "Start this bot" button on the right-hand side:

That's it! You will be taken to your "Jobs" section. The software will check keywords search volume and CPC rates for your queries and will notify you once it's done.

Data output

After the bot completes the job you can download the retrieved CPC rates and keyword search volume by month as an Excel (XLSX), CSV or JSON file.

To use this bot you need to register or log in first.

Frequently asked questions

You can do this on Botster. Having a Google Keyword Planner account isn’t necessary. All you need is a list of keywords to check.

The search volume provided by the Search Volume and CPC Finder is exactly the monthly volume.

Generate keywords using the Google Search Suggestions Scraper and paste them into a special field on the Search Volume and CPC Finder’s start page. Sort the results by volume and by CPC and select the best performing words and phrases for your website.

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Request body:

input string or array of strings (required)
Search keywords and phrases

region_key (required)

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