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Search Volume and CPC Finder

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About this bot

TL;DR: The tool displays Google Keyword Planner's search volume and cost per click in bulk for a list of provided keywords.

How to find Google search volume and CPC for a list of keywords?

You can access Google Adwords Keyword Tool search volume data using SEOBOTS:

  • Sign up for SEOBOTS
  • Open the bot's start page
  • Select the target geo region or leave "Independent" for Global volume
  • Paste the list of keywords
  • Press the "Start Bot" button

That's it!

Data validation and export

Once the bot completes its job, you will receive a notification to your email, Slack, or Telegram account. 

You can view the data online or download it in JSON, CSV, or Excel formats.


Some keywords' volume numbers seem to be too low / too high

Yes, we know. However, we're providing exact numbers from Google Keyword Planner's API.

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