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Awesome bot! Helps me optimize my work with Google Trends. Tons of time saved!

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Now I always check trends in people's search behavior using this amazing tool. It's an extremely useful supplement to Google Trends.


About this bot

In short: This bot bulk-extracts data from Google Trends. 

Have a look at this demo file to understand how the bot works and what it extracts.

Video tutorial

Watch our walkthrough to understand how the tool works in detail:

How to export data from Google Trends?

Downloading data from Google Trends in bulk is easy:

  • Sign up on Botster
  • Go to the bot's start page
  • Select the time period for which you would like to retrieve the data for
  • Select the geolocation (defaults to Worldwide)
  • Paste in your search requests
  • Click the "Start bot" button

That's it! Once the bot completes the job you will receive a notification. 


You can tune the following settings:

  • Time period
  • Geo-location

Data output

You can view your data online or download it as a CSV, Excel or JSON file. 

To use this bot you need to register or log in first.

Frequently asked questions

Select the geolocation and the time period, paste in your search requests, and start the bot. The rest will be done automatically.

Yes, you can. After the bot has completed its crawl, you will be able to view your data online or to download it as a CSV, Excel or JSON file.

The most effective way to do so is by combining Google Trends with the Google Trends Scraper (d4s). These tools complement each other perfectly.