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Monitoring bots
Reporting bots
Complex integrations
Data scraping
Web automation
Financial data
API workflows
Scrapes all sorts of data from regular and business accounts on Instagram.
Extracts comments from any YouTube video.
Retrieves information from different videos of a channel.
Extracts playlist information of a YouTube channel.
Receive like and dislike notifications made under your videos.
YouTube View Monitor
Scrapes recent tweets that have a certain hashtag.
Extracts tweets from a given Twitter user.
Exports a list of channel's subscriptions into a spreadsheet.
Sends periodic emails with new content from your subscriptions.
Retrieves emails from LinkedIn profiles based on location and keywords.
Scrapes all data from LinkedIn user profiles.
Extracts company information from LinkedIn
Extracts job information from a LinkedIn listing.
Extracts posted job offers from a list of companies.
Extracts reviews from Google Maps