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Monitoring bots
Reporting bots
Complex integrations
Web automation
Financial data
API workflows
Сhecks if the email addresses you’ve provided are valid.
Scrapes all visible products from any Shopify store.
Returns the total amount of products and collections of a given Shopify store.
Tracks the price of a specific product in a Shopify store.
Sends notifications when a product appears or disappears from a Shopify store.
Estimates site traffic and other metrics for a list of websites.
Monitors keyword mentions on Google and various social networks.
Receive notifications when price of a product changes.
Extracts a list of products from Amazon based on a list of keywords.
Scrapes ads from Google for a list of keywords.
Exports information about Amazon sellers by product
Extracts data from Google Trends in bulk.
Сhecks if the email addresses you’ve provided are valid.
Exports information about products offered by an Amazon seller
Returns known subdomains for a selected website.
Extracts related keywords from Google Trends.
Scrapes Google Shopping Ads from search result pages
Exports Amazon reviews about the given products
Returns adwords history for a list of domains.

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