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About this bot

In short: this bot returns the total amount of products and collections in a given Shopify store in a simple table. The bot's main purpose is to accompany the Shopify scraper bot by providing the necessary product numbers. 

Please see the example results file for better understanding. 

Returned data

The bot returns the following data:

  • Total collections
  • Total categories
  • Total products
  • Total in stock
  • Total out of stock

Good to know

Since the bot will need to scan through every single product on a given site, it can take a while for it to complete the process. If the Shopify site is large, you may expect the data for as long as an hour, so be prepared. 

Data output

You can download the data as an Excel, CSV or a JSON file.

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Endpoint: POST

Request body:

input string or array of strings (required)
Shopify website URL

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