Developer program

You can use our API to hook your bots or scripts to our platform and make them available to the users from all around the Web.


If you have an awesome idea for an bot and you would like to create it, first you need to contact us. There's a slight chance that a community member is already working on something similar, and we don't want you doing the exact same work. You might either collaborate or work on something else. If, however, your idea is awesome (it is) and is not violating anyones rights, you will need to set up a server and make it compatible with our API, which shouldn't be too hard.

Question: I don't code but I have a brilliant idea for a script. Can I send it to you?

Yes, you can send us your ideas using this form.

Question: I would love to author a script for your platform, but I don't want to maintain a server. Are there other options?

Yes, we have several servers of our own that you can use to plug-in and run your code. They have their own documentation. At the moment there are solutions for Ruby developers only. This might be a great source of passive income for programmers who can create simple yet useful scripts for our users.

Contact us if you would like to start with this option.

OK, I am ready to spin off my own server and deploy my own bots myself.

That's great news! Please proceed to the API docs.