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About this bot

In short: The bot retrieves up to 300 external backlinks for a selected site for FREE. The data is dependent on an external crawler that visits over 1 000 000 domains monthly. 

See the image below or click to view a sample output data file.

Returned data

The algorithm returns a number of data fields for every link it finds:

  • Links from - URI, where the link is/was located
  • Links to - URI of the investigated site, where the link points to
  • Anchor text - hyperlink's clickable text, if any (e.g. "click here", "buy", etc.)
  • nofollow - is this a nofollow link?
  • noindex - is this a noindex link?
  • exlinks - total external hyperlinks on page
  • redirect - does the link have a redirect?
  • count - total links found in this document
  • link rank - link rank (the more the better)
  • domain rank - domain rank (the more the better)
  • directory nesting level - the closer to the root path, the better
  • IP address - server IP address
  • date added - first time the crawler detected the link
  • Last checked - last time the crawler detected the link
  • del - date when the crawler first detected removal (if applicable)
  • SEO link - if over 600, high probability of this link being unnatural

Output formats

You can view the data online or download it as a CSV, JSON or Excel files. 

To use this bot you need to register or log in first.

Endpoint: POST

Request body:

input string or array of strings (required)
Site root URL

count string (required)
Backlink count
How many backlinks should the bot retrieve?
Possible values:

300Up to 300 backlinks (Free)
1000Up to 1000 backlinks

Your file is being prepared...