LinkedIn Email Finder – A Magic Tool for Bulk Email Extraction


      Are you a business owner finding it challenging to find relevant, location-specific emails in bulk to target niche audiences?

      Or perhaps wondering how to download emails from LinkedIn so you can contact the right people?

      Say no more. I will teach you how to extract emails from LinkedIn, one of the world’s most acknowledged business platforms that is PACKED with useful business contacts.

      After reading this guide, you will have a full understanding of what LinkedIn email scraping software currently offers.

      Keep reading to find out:

      • how LinkedIn email extractors work in general;
      • clever way(s) of extracting email addresses from LinkedIn;
      • what is the best LinkedIn miner out there and where to get it from.

      If you are reading this article, you already know that it’s not possible to see a user’s email address on LinkedIn, unless you are connected to them on the network AND they have their email publicly open to their contact list.

      That makes sense since LinkedIn strictly protects its members’ privacy and will only share the data that a user chooses to.

      So unless you’re willing to send out hundreds of invites, you’re basically left with one option – using third-party tools that automate LinkedIn email harvesting for you.

      What bulk email extraction is

      Bulk email extractor tools are software, normally browser extensions or web applications, that automatically extract many email addresses from websites and social media platforms.

      If you are wondering how to scrape emails from LinkedIn, they are the solution you’ve been looking for.

      Reasons why business owners need to extract emails in bulk:

      • to collect addresses of potential customers;
      • to save time when sending out newsletters, offers and other business-related emails. This is also called SPAMming, so if you’re looking into this option, DON’T DO IT. You will likely damage your domain’s reputation, as the bounce rates, hard bounces and complaints will go through the roof;
      • to create an effective marketing strategy by targeting the right professional circles;
      • to create proper lookalike ad targeting on Facebook or, duh, LinkedIn.

      LinkedIn address extractor classification

      There are many tools available for extracting emails from LinkedIn. Most of them can be classified into 3 types:

      • Desktop apps. A desktop app is a piece of software that can be installed on a single computer and used to perform specific tasks. It takes some place on your HD and needs to be regularly updated.
      • Browser extensions. A browser extension is a piece of software installed directly into your browser for customization purposes. It takes no place on your HD but may sometimes need to be updated. Note that if you switch between two or more different browsers you will have to install the extension for all of them. Some extensions are compatible with certain browsers only (e.g. an extension may be compatible with Google Chrome but incompatible with Mozilla FireFox).
      • Online tools. An online tool is a piece of software that needs no installation. Typically, it is a website allowing the user to create an account and to scrape information online using this account. This is the most convenient option since it requires no installation and no updates (as opposed to desktop apps) and is compatible with all browsers (as opposed to browser extensions). All you need is a computer with internet access.

      Here is a list of some of the LinkedIn email extractor software available out there. Let’s start with online tools as they seem to be the most convenient software to use:

      Online tools

      1. LinkedIn Email Miner Bot by Botster

      LinkedIn Email Miner Bot is no ordinary email harvester. First off, it does not operate on monthly or yearly subscription payments like almost all of the other tools that you will find online. This means that if you don’t use the bot – you don’t pay anything.

      Second, instead of trying to access LinkedIn, the bot scans Google Search using the following search query (this is an example): "software engineer" california

      This query basically tells Google that we want it to display search results from only, that contain the following strings of text:

      • software engineer
      • California

      I encourage you to pause the reading and try it out yourself!

      You can interchange the variables within the query to your needs, for example, swap “software engineer” with “graphic designer”, use New York instead of California and look for emails instead of

      In our case, Google obeys and returns the following:

      You can already see that most of the search results contain email addresses that were harvested from LinkedIn profiles which are publicly open and available to various search engines. All you need to do now is copy these emails and paste them into your notepad.

      Of course, collecting hundreds of emails manually is tedious and inefficient, and this is where the LinkedIn Email Miner bot comes into play. It will scan Google’s search result pages for you and extract email addresses automatically.

      After the bot returns the data, you can download it as an Excel, CSV, or JSON file. The table is going to look like this:

      You can watch our comprehensive video tutorial on how to use this bot:

      The LinkedIn Email Miner can be used for multiple business-related purposes, above all for:

      And many more!

      Browser extensions

      2. SalesQL

      A browser extension that can retrieve up to 400 contacts every 24 hours, taking up to 2 minutes to fulfill the task of finding email addresses and phone numbers, SalesQL is designed to help you learn how to export email addresses from LinkedIn. It allows you to store the information in Excel and CSV formats, offering three different plans priced at $39, $59 and $89 monthly.

      3. Kaspr

      A browser extension with a slick website that doesn’t reveal an awful lot about its product’s actual capabilities, Kaspr offers two pricing plans: the Start-up one at 30€ and the Enterprise one at 45€ monthly and it operates on a credit system.

      4. LeadLeaper

      A browser extension that allows you to easily send thousands of personalized emails monthly on LinkedIn, LeadLeaper operates on a credit system and has two pricing plans, at $29 and $39 monthly.

      5. LeadGo

      A browser extension that operates on a credit system, LeadGo retrieves contact information from LinkedIn in under 5 seconds. It offers a free plan, as well as a basic plan for $8 and a professional one for $80 per month.

      6. ZeroIn

      A browser extension that automatically extracts up to 26 data points on people, ZeroIn offers a free plan and a paid plan for $39 per month.

      7. WahLeads

      WahLeads is a browser extension that allows you to get 1000 contact leads per month with a free account. You also have the option of getting plans with more advanced features for $40, $100 and $200 per month.

      8. LinkedIn Profile Scraper

      LinkedIn Profile Scraper is a free browser extension that gives users 50 connection requests per day. These requests come up with users’ names, company information, job title and description, email address and phone number, which can be saved in CSV format or on Google Docs.

      9. Uplead

      A browser extension used by various Fortune 500 companies, Uplead extracts emails and lead information from over 54 million profiles of worldwide contacts. Its plans start at $99 per month and go up to $399 per month.

      10. KleanLeads

      A browser extension that allows you to quickly and easily extract any email address from any connection or profile you come across, KleanLeads takes less than a minute to come up with results for tasks. There are two pricing plans, at $47 and $97.

      11. FindThatLead

      A browser extension that helps you find verified email addresses taking just seconds to fulfill its tasks, FindThatLead’s prices start at $49 per month. Its most popular plan is its Startup plan for $150 per month, while it also has a Suite plan priced at $399 monthly.

      12. AeroLeads

      A browser extension that helps you find users’ full name, email, company name and phone number and exports data to CSV, Aeroleads charges from $49 a month to $499 for its services.

      13. SignalHire

      SignalHire is a browser extension that works to mine emails from LinkedIn quickly and efficiently for the price of $39 per month.

      14. Voila Norbert

      Voila Norbert is a browser extension that finds emails from social networks and verifies they are legitimate in less than a minute. It delivers data to users in CSV format and its prices start at $49 per month ranging up to $499 per month for its most premium of features.

      15. GetProspect

      GetProspect’s Linkedin email finder and extractor is a browser extension that will allow you to find emails and LinkedIn profiles of senior technical leadership for companies and other professionals in minutes. It will provide a list of names with corporate emails, position, LinkedIn profile URL, company name and industry for $2 a day or $3.19 a day.

      16. Mailswipe

      A browser extension that extracts prospects from LinkedIn and verifies their email address in seconds, Mailswipe exports data to CVS files. It costs $50 for a basic plan and $100 for a professional plan.

      17. ProspectDaddy

      ProspectDaddy is a browser extension that gets you prospects’ emails in seconds. This LinkedIn email hunter is available for free.

      Desktop apps

      18. LinkedIn Scraper

      This is a desktop app featuring a free version that can retrieve up to 100 results at a time. It takes the bot to fulfill the task 2 -3 minutes on average. The bot returns data like LinkedIn email addresses and phone numbers which you can store in the CSV format. It is priced at $59 monthly or $499 annually. Here is a link to a video tutorial about how to scrape LinkedIn emails using this bot.

      19. Octopus CRM

      A desktop app that can send from 50 to 70 invitations and 200 messages on LinkedIn daily, Octopus CRM formats resulting files as CSV documents. The tool is offered at prices starting from $6.99 and ranging up to $9.99, $14.99 and $24.99 per month for more advanced features. You can watch a tutorial about how to export emails from LinkedIn using it.

      20. Shivex LinkedIn Extractor

      Shivex LinkedIn Extractor is a desktop app, the website of which gives very limited information about the product’s actual capabilities other than it costs a whopping $399.00.

      Try it out!

      LinkedIn is a great tool – not only for helping you improve your career prospects but for growing your business by using it to collect email addresses of potential customers and other professionals.

      Creating a LinkedIn email list is no easy task, especially if done manually, which takes a lot of time and effort.

      That is where bulk email extractor software tools come in handy. They will make your life easier and allow you to send mass emails to LinkedIn contacts fast. You will find many email extractor tools out there, but do your research before buying one since some perform a lot better than others.