4 Valuable Tools for Non-Stop Travel Lead Generation


      Browsing scenic sunny beaches and booking luxurious hotels for your clients is so exciting! Did you know that travel leads generation can be just as exciting?

      I'm here to prove this. If you are a travel agent, a tour operator representative, or a travel agency owner, this article on how to get travel leads online is for you!

      Read my step-by-step instructions and you’ll learn:

      • How to generate tourism leads on TripAdvisor
      • How to improve your tourism sales leads management with automation tools
      • What other strategies you can use to generate online travel leads

      Where shall we fly today? To the sunny Cuba or to the freedom-loving Florida? And how about a trip to the beautiful Rome? I love the noble spirit of the ancient ruins so much… Packing my bags!

      Getting verified travel leads online on TripAdvisor

      TripAdvisor is a highly informative database not only for tourists but also for travel agents. I’ll show you how to use it for tourism leads generation purposes.

      A travel agent’s target audience involves people who love traveling (like me). There is no sense in contacting inert couch potatoes who go sightseeing only online. Yet how to find willing and enthusiastic travelers? 🤔

      You can easily find up to 1000 active tourists on TripAdvisor in just a couple of clicks - read my two-step guide below!

      Step 1 - Making up a list of lead magnets for travel

      First, let’s make up a list of worthy sights in Rome. No need to copy them manually from numerous touristic sites about Italy! A bot called the Tripadvisor Search Extractor will do this for you. It will extract TripAdvisor search results relating to Rome together with some valuable links that we will use for our tourism lead generation marketing campaign.

      Here’s a short guide on how to use the Tripadvisor Search Extractor:

      • Open the Tripadvisor Search Extractor’s start page:

      • Name your job:

      • Enter your keywords (e.g. walking tour, museum, art gallery, etc.).

      Let’s imagine that you are selling walking and biking tours in Rome and need to attract people interested in such.

      ⚠️ Each query must go on a new line:

      • Select how many search results you would like the bot to extract for each of the keywords.

      The more results you scrape at this stage - the more lead magnets for the travel industry you are going to get:

      • Specify the desired location.

      💡 Tip: If you enter a city, don’t forget to mention the country. There is a Rome in Italy, a Rome in Georgia, in New York, and in Indiana in the United States. What a popular city name! (Or a lack of fantasy? 😏)

      • Select how you’d like the bot to notify you once the job is done:

      • …and start the bot!


      The resulting spreadsheet looks like this:

      The ultimate list of the exported data includes:

      • Keyword
      • Rank
      • Title
      • URL
      • Sponsored?
      • Reviews count
      • Rating

      Tips on travel agency lead generation

      • Sort the results descending by the rating and then descending by the number of reviews:

      Now the Rome walking tours with the highest rating (5) come first, next come the tours rated 4.5, 4, and so on.

      Within each rating, the walking tours with the largest number of reviews come first.

      • What we are interested in are the walking tours with both the highest rating and the largest number of reviews. Why? Because reviews are written by real people - your potential travel leads!

      • Copy the URLs of the walking tours that have the highest rating and the largest number of reviews:

      We’ll use these valuable links for travel agent lead generation in Step 2.

      Step 2 - Extracting user reviews and creating a travel lead list

      We will extract user reviews with the help of the Tripadvisor Reviews Extractor. It can scrape TripAdvisor reviews for different places, such as points of interest, hotels, restaurants, tours and other attractions.

      Along with the reviews, this bot will also extract links to TripAdvisor user profiles! This is even more important for lead generation for travel companies and agents.

      Here is a quick guide:

      • Open the Tripadvisor Reviews Extractor’s start page.
      • Paste the links selected in Step 1.

      ⚠️ Each link must go on a new line:

      • Specify how many reviews you would like the bot to scrape for each of these walking tours.

      Since one of the tours has 895 reviews (= 895 potential travel leads) and the other one 606 reviews (= 606 potential travel leads), I recommend you to opt for the maximum and scrape up to 1000 reviews:

      • Select the language that the reviews should be written in:

      • Launch the bot.

      Video guide

      Watch my comprehensive video tutorial on how to use the Tripadvisor Reviews Extractor:


      The bot has exported plenty of valuable data that can be used to generate travel business leads for your company:

      The full list of the exported data includes:

      • Object URL
      • Review rank
      • Title
      • Review URL
      • Rating
      • Author
      • Profile picture
      • Profile URL
      • Total profile reviews
      • Review text
      • Date of visit
      • Date of review
      • Review image URLs

      Tips on travel agent leads generation

      1. Select the most active travelers.

      Active travelers are most likely to be interested in your hot trip offers. In fact, these people are your desired travel leads. How to single them out from the review author crowd?

      The more reviews a user has written - the more places he or she has visited. Sort the results descending by the ‘Total profile reviews’ column. The number in this column indicates how many reviews the profile owner has written:

      Look, Sunny305 has written 130 reviews - and probably visited even more places than that! (Tourists sometimes don’t have time to write about each of their travel destinations). I wish I also had so much free time for traveling… ✈️ The next users have written 110, 56, 55 and 50 reviews:

      2. Bombard these travel enthusiasts with your irresistible offers! 💣

      • Sign in to your TripAdvisor account.
      • Copy the link to the active traveler’s TripAdvisor profile in the ‘Profile URL’ column:

      • Paste this profile link to your browser:

      • Click on the ‘Send message’ button on your right (it becomes clickable only after you’ve logged in to your TripAdvisor account):

      • Send them a unique travel offer:

      It’s like bulk mailing but better! People are so tired of ads that they delete cold emails without even opening them. Getting a message on TripAdvisor is a rare thing, meaning that these messages are more likely to be read!

      Getting genuine travel leads on

      It’s a well-known fact that some hotels are preferred by the British whereas others - by the Germans, and so on. To generate leads for your travel agency effectively, you need to take into account where your target audience comes from.

      Step 1 - Extracting hotels to generate travel agency leads

      Before analyzing the hotels, we need to extract them. No doubt, is one of the best hotel databases ever - both for holiday makers and for travel agents seeking to generate live travel leads!

      To export a hotel list with all the necessary details, we’ll use the Booking Hotel Extractor. A simple guide:

      • Open the Booking Hotel Extractor’s start page.
      • Specify how many hotels you would like to scrape.

      The more hotels you scrape, the better and the more personalized offers for your clients you’ll be able to make. Let’s land somewhere between 25 and 900:

      • Open and adjust custom settings to find the relevant hotels in Rome:

      • Once has shown the relevant hotels list, copy the URL in your browser’s address bar:

      • Go back to the bot’s page and paste this URL into a special field:

      • Launch the bot.

      Video guide

      Watch me explain how the Booking Hotel Extractor works in detail:


      The Booking Hotel Extractor has retrieved the following details about the required Rome hotels:

      • Full URL
      • Hotel URL
      • Image URL
      • Name
      • Description
      • Stars
      • Price
      • Type
      • Address
      • Reviews
      • Popular facilities
      • Grade
      • Grade - Facilities
      • Grade - Cleanliness
      • Grade - Comfort
      • Grade - Value for money
      • Grade - Location
      • Grade - Free Wi-Fi
      • Grade - Staff

      And all this comes in a convenient table (sorry, all these columns don’t fit into one screenshot):

      Let’s make the most of this list!

      Tips on lead generation for travel agents

      Our task is to select the hotels with the highest rating and with the greatest number of reviews:

      • Sort the results descending by grade:

      • Delete all hotels with a rating lower than 8.0 (you probably want to select only the best hotels for your clients, don’t you?):

      • Sort the rest descending by the number of reviews:

      • Save the hotel URLs that have the maximum number of reviews (we’ll need them for Step 2):

      And proceed to the next step 🔽

      Step 2 - Exporting user locations for generating travel agents leads

      To find out which country the most visitors of these hotels come from, we’ll use the Hotel Review Scraper. This bot extracts customer reviews for a given hotel and other details.

      Here’s how to use it:

      • Open the Hotel Review Scraper’s start page.
      • Copy the first hotel URL exported in Step 1:

      • Paste this URL into a special field:

      • Launch the bot.


      The Hotel Review Scraper has extracted the following details:

      • Hotel URL
      • Guest name
      • Guest country
      • Review title
      • Review date
      • Review positives
      • Review negatives
      • Review score
      • Review votes

      The table looks like this:

      How can this information help you generate leads for travel agents and boost your trip sales?

      Tips on lead generation for travel businesses

      • Sort the results ascending by guest country:

      • Count how many reviews from each country this hotel has.

      💥 Lifehack: To count the countries fast, just select all of them with your mouse in Excel. The number of rows will be shown below:

      I’ve done this quickly for each of the countries and made up the following list:

      It’s worth offering tours to this hotel to tourists from Italy, Spain, France and Germany. They visit it most often and have given it the highest ratings.

      FAQ about travel lead generation

      Any doubts left? Below I’m giving my answers to your most frequent questions:

      How to generate leads for travel business? / How to get leads for travel agency?

      There are many ways to do this: you can either use the four tools described in this article, or follow other lead generation strategies described in my blog, or even invent your own uses by analyzing example output files on each lead generation bot’s page.

      How to get leads as a travel agent?

      The same way as for a travel business.

      How to get free travel leads for travel agents?

      The methods described in this article are almost free. For example, extracting 1000 TripAdvisor reviews for one place of interest costs just 35 cents. And no monthly subscription is needed - you can use all bots on my site on the pay-as-you-go basis! For example, extract 1000 reviews for 35 cents once a week and save several hours of time. Can you afford that? 😉

      How to generate cruise leads for travel agents?

      • Open the Tripadvisor Search Extractor’s start page.
      • Type cruise in the keyword field.
      • Select the desired location.
      • Export the most demanded cruises with the greatest number of reviews.
      • Copy these cruises’ TripAdvisor URLs.
      • Open the Tripadvisor Reviews Extractor’s start page.
      • Paste the cruises’ TripAdvisor URLs.
      • Export the profiles of the users that love cruises and send them personal messages on TripAdvisor. ⚓

      More tools for generating live leads for travel agents

      I was so eager to get you acquainted with my and TripAdvisor bots that I have no more place left for other bots that can serve the task of inbound travel leads generation 😔

      Apart from the tools described in this blog post, you can also use other strategies to attract clients (they are suitable for any industry including the touristic branch):

      If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it’s lethal. (© Paul Coelho). Escape from the routine using automation bots and dive into an adventurous life of a travel agent!