Generating Leads for Lawyers by Blogging


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      Happy and carefree are the golden boys who have inherited their fathers’ law practice together with their fathers’ rich client base. But what if you are just starting out without anyone’s support? Blogging as a means of lead generation for lawyers will help you make a name for yourself!

      What can be more exciting (and more lead-bringing) than sharing your expert experience with others? Lead generation for law firms can’t do without blogging! I have many tools for effective blogging, and today you’ll get to know some of them. Time to set our attorney website lead generation tools in motion! ⚡

      In this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn:

      • How to select the best-performing topics for your lawyer’s blog
      • How to do keyword research for legal law lead generation
      • How to advertise your law firm on other people’s websites
      • And how to automate all these steps!

      In other words, you’ll learn how to attract potential clients on your own and won’t need to look (and pay) for attorney lead generation services.

      I have already written quite a number of articles on lead generation for different branches (and I’m planning on more). In each of them, I’m giving different tips and guiding you through different bots. You can apply any tactics you like since all approaches work for all industries. From my previous posts, you can draw some valuable insights on:

      To gain access to the tools described below you’ll need to create an account on Botster (it’s free and requires no credit card):

      So you’ve started a law firm. Congratulations! 🤝 And now we are starting your blog!

      Best-performing blog topics for law firms lead generation

      There’s no better way to choose a blog topic than to ask people what they want. This is exactly what one of my newest bots - the Google People Also Ask and Related Searches Exporter - is intended for. It scrapes People Also Ask and Related Searches phrases from Google's widgets and extracts them into a spreadsheet.

      With these phrases, your blog will turn into an effective attorney lead generator. How does this work?

      Before addressing a lawyer, people usually search for an answer to their question on the Internet. Google’s People Also Ask and Related Searches widgets are formed based on these users’ queries. Extract people’s questions about their most painful law-related problems, write a bunch of blog posts devoted to these, and enjoy mighty streams of traffic and tons of new leads pouring in! 💪

      Here is how the Google People Also Ask and Related Searches Exporter can help you elaborate and put to practice the best law firm lead generation marketing strategy:

      • Open the Google People Also Ask and Related Searches Exporter’s start page:

      • Name your job:

      • Enter your keywords. Focus on the topics that you have the greatest experience in. The bot will extract people’s questions and search queries related to these topics.

      Each query must go on a new line:

      • Tick what you would like to scrape - People Also Ask phrases, or Related Searches, or both:

      • Select the operating system (Windows or MacOS):

      • Select the device (desktop or mobile):

      • Specify the language that the exported queries should be written in:

      • Specify your location. For this bot, you’d better select not a single city but a country, otherwise the bot may return zero results:

      • Select how you would like the bot to notify you once it’s done scraping:

      • Launch the bot:

      We're done!

      🎥 Video tutorial

      Watch me demonstrate this tool in action:

      ✅ Results

      Look, the bot has extracted some interesting questions and phrases! Use these as potential topics in your lawyer’s blog:

      Here’s where these People Also Ask phrases actually come from:

      And the Related Searches are usually shown at the bottom of the search results page:

      Read my tips below on how you can make the most of this valuable information!

      💡 Tips on generating more law leads

      • Read the questions with the people_also_ask result type (columns B and C). These questions interest your potential clients most. Give them your expert answers!

      You can devote a separate blog article to each of these questions or create a FAQ section on your site and update it regularly.

      • Analyze the queries with the related_searches result type. Include them in the texts of your blog posts.
      • Ignore queries like ‘intellectual property attorney salary’ and ‘intellectual property attorney jobs’. They come from your competitors, not clients. People who are interested to know how large a lawyer’s salary is and where to find an attorney job are looking for a job and not for your paid services.

      Finding keywords for attorney leads generation

      Now that you’ve chosen a decent law-related topic, it’s time to find the right keywords for your blog. Your texts must be keyword-rich, otherwise they will remain invisible to Internet users.

      The keywords extracted from the People Also Ask and Related Searches widgets are not enough because they are few. To export more keywords, use the Google Search Suggestions Scraper. This advanced and fast bot extracts search hints from Google and from other search engines if necessary.

      Here is a quick tutorial on how to generate leads for law firms with the help of this bot:

      • Open the Google Search Suggestions Scraper’s start page.
      • Specify your region:

      • Select the language of the desired search suggestions:

      • Select the search method (if you choose to append letters and/or numbers, you’ll get more results):

      • Specify the search depth (again, the higher this parameter, the more results you are going to receive):

      • Enter your search queries. I’ll write lawyer and attorney but you can narrow down your search to family lawyer, car accident attorney, and so on depending on the sphere you focus on.

      Each keyword must go on a new line:

      • Start the bot.

      🎥 Video tutorial

      Watch me launch this tool in real time:

      ✅ Results

      As a result, the bot has retrieved as many as 398 keyword suggestions for just 2 queries:

      💡 Tips on how to generate leads for law firms

      To generate leads effectively, you need to sort these keywords. Some of them (like, for example, ‘Lawyer X TV show’) may be irrelevant for your blog - delete them without hesitation.

      If you want to sort the keywords fast, read the next paragraph where I’m telling you how to do this with the help of yet another bot 👇

      Sorting keywords by topic for law practice lead generation

      It is called the Smart Keyword Grouping bot. This online tool allows you to group your keywords by their topical relevance. A short guide:

      • Open the Smart Keyword Grouping bot’s start page.
      • Specify your region:

      • Select the target language:

      • Specify the grouping rate.

      The higher the number, the more groups the bot will create with fewer keywords in each of them.

      • Specify the grouping type.
        • Soft - there will be no keyword intersection within the groups.
        • Moderate - some keywords may present in several groups.
        • Hard - many keywords will intersect, each keyword may present in several groups.

      • Launch the bot.

      ✅ Results

      The bot has distributed the keywords among 39 groups by topical relevance:

      💡 Law lead generation tips

      Turn group names (column B) into blog topics and enrich your texts with the corresponding search queries from column C.

      Here are just a few examples of blog posts that you can write based on the results provided by the Smart Keyword Grouping bot:

      Blog post 1 - “How to get a new legal aid lawyer?”

      Blog post 2 - “Is an attorney better than a lawyer?”

      Blog post 3 - “10 most popular legal podcasts”

      And you can easily delete keyword groups like lawyers Xenia Ohio since this is apparently a name of a competing company:

      Sorting keywords by volume for generating law firm leads

      There is one more point to consider, namely - how often users search for the queries that you’ve exported. Needless to say that keywords that are used most frequently are the best lead generators for law firms!

      The bot that is going to help us with this task is called the Search Volume and CPC Finder. This tool displays Google Keyword Planner's search volume and cost per click for a list of provided keywords.

      Let me show you how to do this on the example of the first blog topic I suggested - “How to get a new legal aid lawyer?”. A quick guide:

      • Open the Search Volume and CPC Finder’s start page.
      • Select your region:

      • Launch the bot. That’s it!

      🎥 Video tutorial

      Watch a quick video tutorial on how to use the Search Volume and CPC Finder:

      ✅ Results

      Now we know what these keywords are worth:

      💡 Tips on lead generation marketing for law firms

      • Sort the keywords descending by volume. The best-performing keywords for your lawyer’s blog will be on top of this list:

      • Sort the keywords ascending by CPC. The cheapest keywords for your lawyer practice ads will be on top of this list:

      Now it’s up to you to decide which keywords to opt for!

      Generating leads for lawyers by guest-blogging

      Did you know that you can post your expert articles not only on your blog but also on other people’s blogs? This is called  ̶c̶h̶e̶a̶t̶i̶n̶g̶  guest blogging or guest posting 😏

      In the process of lead generation, law firms belonging to your competitors will hardly allow you to show your expertise and to advertise your services on their sites. Yet there are plenty of independent bloggers who do accept guest posts for a fee (or sometimes even for free!).

      How to find them? That is the question! 🤔

      The question to which one of my bots knows the answer! 💪 The Outreach and Guestpost Explorer automatically parses Google Search results for sites that accept guest posting. This is probably one of the best lead generation services for lawyers!

      A short tutorial:

      • Open the Outreach and Guestpost Explorer’s start page.
      • Enter the keywords related to the law branch.

      Each query must go on a new line:

      • Specify how many guest post accepting sites you would like to export:

      • Tick the most relevant queries:

      • Launch the bot.

      🎥 Video tutorial

      Watch me explain how to use the Outreach and Guestpost Explorer in this quick video:

      ✅ Results

      The Outreach and Guestpost Explorer has exported 292 guest post accepting websites for just 3 queries:

      You have a wide range of sites to choose from!

      💡 Tips on lead generation marketing for law firms

      • Sort the results ascending by position (column B). The sites that rank highest on Google Search will automatically move to the top of the table:

      If you publish your posts on these sites, you will maximize the opportunity of your potential clients reading them (and clicking on your website link hidden somewhere in the article 😉).

      • Check how trustworthy each of these sites is and check if your subject fits the topics that the blogger typically enlightens. For example, it isn’t worth writing about criminal law on a site devoted to sewing and knitting! 🚫
      • When writing guest posts, follow the same rules as when writing for your personal lawyer’s blog: include relevant keywords, invent keyword-rich headings, write a well-structured article consisting of at least 2000 words, and so on.

      FAQ on how to do the best lead generation for lawyers

      How to generate leads for my law firm?

      Follow the strategy described in this post! This is the best way to generate leads for lawyers and attorneys 👍

      How to generate local leads for lawyers?

      When launching the bots, specify your location (for example, Miami, Florida or the whole United States - depending on how broad your law firm’s geography is). The results will be retrieved based on this specific location.

      Can u do personal injury law lead generation?

      Yes, sure! Enter the ‘personal injury’ keyword and related queries when launching the bots, and you’ll get the results exported for this specific topic. The same relates to all other spheres of law like family law, criminal law, car accidents, and so on.

      Can I generate law leads with quizzes?

      Well, that’s a good question! I believe you can. To do lead generation for attorney companies using quizzes, focus on social media. They seem to be more relevant for publishing quizzes than the blog.

      What are the benefits of a law lead generation software?

      These are numerous! Lead generation can and must be automated. Using the software described will save you tons of time and bags of money. Check the pricing of the bots I described - you’ll be surprised to know how profitable they are compared with other providers! And the good news is that you can pay as you go. You buy a monthly plan only if you want to!

      Lead generation strategies for law firms and lawyers don’t come down to blogging alone. Blogging is just one small (but important!) component of the whole lead generation process. It also involves social media, advertising, special offers, tracking your website’s performance, regular SEO audit and many more.

      Start with one small step - with your blog. And don’t procrastinate: if you want to blog, then blog! © Fritz Chery

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