8 Smart Tools to Automate Car Sales Leads Generation and Boost Your Client Base


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      I’m pretty sure you’ve already read dozens of articles advising you to start a car blog, to be active on social media, to use direct mailing and cold calling, and so on. These tips are basically right, but… I’ll tell you more. Can you imagine that there are some smart tools that can speed up the car sales lead generation process immensely and will cost you close to nothing?

      With myself having years of SEO experience, I will guide you through this process. I’ll teach you how to generate more leads in car sales much faster than the competition and with less effort. The trick is that you can (and should!) automate as many routine tasks as possible. Remember: automation is key! Not only is it going to save you tons of time but it will also bring you bags of money (from car buyers’ pockets πŸ‘›).

      It doesn’t matter if you sell convenient family vans, mighty four-wheelers, old bangers, cute beach buggies or extravagant two-seaters. All of them have their own target audience, and I’ll show you how to attract it! Read on to get to know the best way to generate leads in car sales πŸ‘Œ

      Ready for a test drive? Let’s start!

      How to generate car sales leads by blogging

      The very first tip that you are most likely to encounter is: “Start a car blog”. You can either write texts on your own or hire a professional copywriter but this isn’t going to work unless you include relevant search queries into your articles. The right keywords are crucial for an effective auto sales lead generation process!

      The question is, how do I know which words potential car buyers use when looking for a new car in search engines?

      To get an answer to this question, you can go two ways:

      • Either find the keywords manually,
      • Or do the same automatically using a special online tool.

      If you choose to go the first way (the thorny one 😫), here’s what you’ll need to do:

      • Type in phrases like buy a car, buy an automobile, purchase a car, purchase automobiles and tons of other word forms and their synonyms in Google’s search field;
      • Press on the space bar;
      • Copy all the words and phrases suggested by Google in an Excel spreadsheet (⚠️ mind you that copy-pasting Google’s search suggestions is technically impossible, meaning that you will have to type all these phrases manually):

      ⏱️ Estimated time: 10-15 minutes for each query, 100-150 minutes (1,5-2,5 hours) for 10 queries.

      Impressed? Manual work puts the brakes on the car sales leads generation process. Moreover, you’ll have to do that for each of your blog posts, while it is recommended to publish articles at least once in a week. Do you have that much free time? I don’t. πŸ™…

      1. Google Search Suggestions Scraper

      It’s time to get you acquainted with the first tool from my SEO collection, namely the Google Search Suggestions Scraper. This is one of Botster's most popular Google scraping tools and it extracts search hints from Google, Yahoo, Bing and YouTube. It will help us accelerate the process of car sales leads generation (as well as many other processes) significantly. Pedal to the metal!

      To launch this bot, open its start page:

      Name your job:

      Select the region where you want to generate auto sales leads and specify the language:

      Select the search method (appending letters and/or numbers increases the amount of the keywords retrieved by several times πŸ”):

      Specify the search depth (the larger the depth, the more results you are going to receive):

      Select additional search engines if necessary:

      Insert the queries list. The bot can process as many as 500 queries at a time. Make sure that each query starts on a new line:

      Specify if you would like to receive a notification when the grabber completes the crawl:

      Start the bot! Click the "Start bot" button on the right-hand side:

      Video tutorial

      Watch me explain how to use this tool:


      As a result, the bot has retrieved as many as 1420 keywords for just 2 queries:

      You can view your data online or download it as an EXCEL or CSV file:

      Now that you’ve collected some keywords, you can (and must!) use them in your blog posts in order to attract potential car buyers. Let your blog act as a car sales lead generator for your business!

      2. Search Volume and CPC Finder

      But the question is: the bot has retrieved as many as 1420 car-related keywords, and which of them are the most effective ones? The Search Volume and CPC Finder can help you pick the best performing keywords! This tool displays Google Keyword Planner's search volume and cost per click for a list of provided keywords.

      If you want to turn your blog into the best place to generate car sales leads for your shop, you’ll need to select the best-performing keywords for this purpose. Here’s how you can do it:

      Copy the keywords retrieved by the Google Search Suggestions Scraper:

      Open the Search Volume and CPC Finder’s start page and paste the keywords in a special field:

      Instead of mere keywords, we now have keywords with their search volume and cost per click (CPC) specified:

      Sort the keywords descending by search volume. The best-performing keywords for your car blog will be on top of this list:

      Sort the keywords ascending by CPC. The cheapest keywords for your car ads will be on top of this list:

      Watch a quick video tutorial on how to use the Search Volume and CPC Finder:

      Now you know how to generate new car sales leads using a blog. And you are in the driver's seat when it comes to your semantic core!

      Experts may argue that there are many other keyword research tools, e.g. Ahrefs. The difference is that you can use their services only if you buy a monthly plan. You will have to pay the fee regularly even if you don’t use the tool, thus spending your money in vain πŸ’Έ.

      My bots require no subscription fee 🚫 – you pay only when you really need to extract keywords, their volume and CPC. If you decide to pause your blog, say, for half a year, you won’t have to pay a cent!

      3. Outreach and Guestpost Explorer

      One more tip: if you are looking for more ways to generate leads in car sales via blogging, consider guestposting. This implies posting articles about your company on somebody else’s websites.

      To find out which sites accept guestposting, you can look for them manually and contact each site owner in person, receiving tons of refusals or no answers at all. A smarter solution is to use the Outreach and Guestpost Explorer that automatically parses Google Search results for sites that accept guest posting.

      To generate car sales leads coming from external websites, let’s find some sites that accept guest blog posts about cars!

      Open the Outreach and Guestpost Explorer’s start page and paste your query:

      Specify parsing depth (the larger this value, the more guestpost-accepting sites you will get as a result):

      Specify the relevant guestposting queries:

      As a result, we’ve exported as many as 168 sites where you can publish your guest posts about cars with backlinks to your site. Not bad!

      To make the most of this list in terms of lead generation for car sales, sort the data ascending by position. The highest-ranking sites will be on top of the list:

      Watch me explain how to use the Outreach and Guestpost Explorer in this quick video:

      How to generate leads for car sales by video blogging

      Now that we’re done with written blogging, let’s level up your video blogging!

      4. Youtube Keyword Scraper

      Automotive sales lead generation requires not only creating engaging car video content but also helping users find your videos. For this purpose, you’ll need to include the right keywords in video titles and descriptions.

      You can easily export YouTube users’ most frequent car-related search queries using the Youtube Keyword Scraper! It extracts search autocomplete suggestions from YouTube’s search bar and is perfect for turning your video channel into a resourceful car sales leads generation source. Get some lifehacks on how to find low-competition keywords for YouTube for your car sales business.

      This bot works similarly to the Google Search Suggestions Scraper described above, with the only difference that it will scrape only YouTube, thus saving you some money if you don’t need to scrape Google Search.

      Open the bot’s start page and paste your car-related queries:

      As a result, we’ve got as many as 109 keywords related to car selling that you can use when writing titles and descriptions to your videos:

      This is going to help you generate leads for car sales immensely!

      If you love videos, watch this short guide on how to use this bot:

      How to generate leads in car sales on social media

      5. Social Network Accounts Finder

      You might have read dozens of recommendations on what kind of content to post on social media and on how to contact your users personally. I’m here to help you find your potential buyers’ contacts in bulk!

      For generating car sales leads through social media, look no further than the Social Network Accounts Finder. This online bot exports links to social network accounts of people and companies in bulk.

      To begin, open the bot’s start page and select the social networks where you would like to promote your car selling site:

      Paste the names of your main competitors:

      The bot has retrieved the social accounts belonging to each of the companies:

      How are these accounts going to help you generate online car sales leads? The most valuable information for you is the list of your competitors’ followers: these are the people who are 100% interested in cars and may consider buying one from you. πŸ˜‰

      Don't waste your precious time - contact your competitors' followers and send them your irresistible offer, such as a personal discount. This is probably the best way to generate leads for car sales – or, at least, one of the best ones!

      How to generate auto sales leads by bulk mailing

      6. Email Validator

      Bulk mailing is a less popular, yet pretty effective way of generating automotive sales leads. If you already did this before, you know that people’s emails often turn out to be invalid, which may put a spoke in your wheel. It means that you are wasting much time sending personal letters to emails that are potentially invalid.

      The Email Validator is here to save your time and to facilitate your work. It checks if the email addresses you’ve provided are valid.

      Open the bot’s start page and paste up to 5000 emails to check:

      As a result, you’ll see which of these emails are valid and worth sending your car offer to them. Click to view the example file for a better idea of the output.

      How to generate automotive sales leads by cold calling

      7. Phone Validator

      Cold calling basically features the same problem as bulk mailing: if you have a phone numbers database, you never know which of these numbers really exist. This results in endless calling, often without result.

      The first thing to do is check if potential car buyers’ phone numbers are valid. The Phone Validator will do this in just a couple of minutes.

      Open the bot’s start page and paste the phone numbers list in a special field (don’t forget to include country codes):

      As a result, you’ll get to know which numbers are valid and worth calling. Click to view the example file for a better idea of the output.

      8. Brand and Keyword Monitor

      Now that you’ve done so much work generating leads for car sales, my last recommendation is: monitor your online brand mentions regularly. Good news: this is yet another task that can be automated!

      The Brand and Keyword Monitor checks keyword mentions on Google, YouTube and Twitter. It will help you generate new car sales leads effectively. Another interesting application of this tool is using it to monitor copyright infringement cases in real time.

      Just enter your brand on the bot’s start page and select notification frequency:

      That’s it!

      Watch a quick video guide on how to launch the Brand and Keyword Monitor:

      I hope that my guide will help you find the best way to generate car sales leads for your shop by automating and speeding up your work. All roads lead to Rome but it’s in your power to choose the shortest way to drive. Start an informative car blog, shoot amazing videos, be active on social networks, and use smart online bots to set the wheels in motion!

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