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About this bot

Every web resource is built and monetized with certain user goals in mind – the more users reach these goals, the better for the platform. These goals can take the form of subscriptions, purchases, messages, etc. 

Many experts use Google Analytics Goals to monitor how many users reach these goals and log the corresponding timestamps. However, manually checking the stats across several websites can prove unnecessarily laborious and distract you from other important matters at hand. 

Google Analytics Goals Reporter makes the bulk of this process automatic, allowing its users to receive timely reports on goals and conversions via e-mail or messaging apps.


To make sure the bot runs properly, you will need to authorize it to access your Google Analytics account. 

Next, select the website you would like to monitor and set the period over which you would like to collect data, e.g.:

  • The day before;
  • The last month;
  • The last week.

Please also select the desired notification frequency:

  • Every day;
  • Twice a day;
  • Every week;
  • Twice a week;
  • Etc.

Finally, choose whether the bot should hibernate on a certain date or continue running until turned off manually and select a convenient notification delivery method:

  • E-mail;
  • Slack;
  • Telegram.

Why Google Analytics Goals Reporter is useful

This tool eliminates the need to examine large quantities of data and manually pick out relevant user events – instead, it automatically compiles the statistics and delivers them to users via e-mail or messaging apps. It enables SEO experts to identify the goals that often fail to be reached and to it much faster than checking the stats manually.  

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