How to Do Influencer Outreach: Tools & Tips


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      Influencer/blogger marketing is among the newest forms of marketing but it has quickly risen to become one of the most effective in this social media-dominated age. And you know the best part? It is now so much easier to find influencers for your brand irrespective of your industry or target market.

      In this guide I will show you exactly how to do blogger outreach: tools to use, steps to take, and where to search.

      Finding influencers to toot your horn shouldn’t be the only task you’ll spend the day on. This is why in the next few minutes, I will describe several automated influencer outreach tools that can save you hours of work.

      In this step-by-step guide you will learn:

      • 3 automated influencer outreach tools
      • How to find influencer social media and emails
      • How to build an effective outreach strategy

      By the time you are done with this guide, you will have a database of your influencer campaign, similar to the one below:

      The blogger outreach strategy I'll be showing you in this guide is what I have used to help different clients find perfect match influencers for their brands, so none of what you see below is based on assumption or theory. These are steps I've used over and over again in practice countless times!

      To make this blogger outreach guide much more understandable I will show you exactly how I helped a hotel located in Santorini to find U.S.-based influencers who can make their hotel and resorts go viral among the American audience.

      In fact, you can see this guide as a blogger outreach case study. Without further delay, let's dive right in!

      3 blogger outreach software tools

      The first thing I'd like to show you in this influencer outreach strategy guide is the tools you will need as well as how to use them.

      These tools are hands down among the best blogger outreach tools I have used in my career as a PR professional.

      Influencer outreach tool for email search

      Before we get to social media blogger outreach, I would first like to show you how to get hundreds of influencers' email addresses in just a few button clicks.

      To do this, we'll be using a tool called the LinkedIn Email Miner. It is a special LinkedIn tool that uses a unique query to find and extract email addresses from public LinkedIn profiles. When you use it for an influencer outreach campaign, it doesn't only find email addresses, but it also extracts the bloggers’ names, LinkedIn profile URLs, and other information.

      To be able to use this tool, you must first create a free account on Botster (no credit card required):

      Registration is fast and takes just about a minute!

      After registration, verify your email address and follow the steps below to conduct a travel blogger outreach to hotel industry:

      • Name your job and set a folder if you like (I’ll name mine “U.S. blogging outreach”):

      • Paste search keywords (e.g. travel influencer. If you wish to extract influencers for a different industry, simply change travel to the appropriate word):

      • Paste locations. Since I’m looking for U.S. travel influencers, I’ll paste several U.S. cities (you can also enter states but opting for cities rather than states will increase the number of extracted emails):

      • Paste email masks:

      • Next, set up email notifications making sure you tick “Attach results to the notification email”:

      • Finally, click on “Start this bot” and that’s it! You just completed the first step in the blogger outreach plan!

      Video guide

      Watch me launch the LinkedIn Email Miner in just a few minutes!


      Immediately you click on “Start this bot”, the “My jobs” page will launch automatically, and you should see something like this:

      You can see that it took this blog outreach software just a minute to find travel influencers in the cities I provided.

      You can choose to run the project again in the future if you lose the file. You can also download the result file using one of the icons I boxed in the image above, and you can as well choose to view it online.

      Downloading the file and viewing it in Excel should look similar to this:


      • In selecting a location for your influencers outreach, I recommend you enter cities rather than countries or states. This actually helps you get more results from the LinkedIn Email Miner.
      • Validate the extracted emails using the Email Validator:
        • Open the Email validator’s start page
        • Paste the extracted email addresses
        • Start the bot!
      • Use only the validated emails for bulk mailing to find the right influencer for your brand.
      • Use the extracted LinkedIn profiles for personal messaging.
      • Use the extracted travel bloggers' names for the next step described below.
      • Set the results by name from A to Z before moving to the next step.

      Blogger outreach tool for social media accounts search

      Now that we have the names of several travel influencers, we can launch the blogger outreach campaigns via social media by finding their accounts.

      For this, we will need the Social Media Accounts Finder. As its name suggests, this bot scans the Internet and extracts links to selected social networks for a list of names you provide.

      Since we already have the names of influencers, let’s do blogger & influencer outreach via social media!

      • Launch the Social Media Accounts Finder and name your job.
      • Copy the names of the influencers we extracted from the previous bot and paste them here:

      • Select the links to extract:

      • Set notifications and start the bot!

      Wait just a minute for the Social Media Accounts Finder to find the links. Once it’s done running you can download and view your results.

      Video tutorial

      Watch this quick video on how to launch the Social Media Accounts Finder:


      Here is the result of our social influencer outreach:


      • I recommend you contact these travel bloggers on different social media to make sure they get your message fast.
      • Make sure you track your results via a spreadsheet or some other means.
      • Consider a paid blogger promotion rather than a free content collaboration as it affects the quality of the bloggers you will get. High-quality influencers rarely do free content.

      Quickly let's see the last influencer outreach software in this guide!

      Influencer outreach software for exporting emails for TikTok

      You’ve probably been wondering when I’ll show you how to do influencer outreach on TikTok.

      Well, I decided to save it for last!

      That’s because it’s the most technical part of this guide, but you can rest assured I made it as simple as it could be 👌

      As the world continues to move in favor of video content, you definitely cannot afford to ignore the opportunities in video-oriented platforms like TikTok, especially if your business is about beauty and luxury - or, as in our today’s real-life example, about traveling.

      If you have had difficulty finding people on TikTok, this influencer outreach guide is all you need to cross that bridge like it was never even there in the first place.

      So quickly, the last one of the best blogger outreach software tools I want to show you today is the Google Search Scraper.

      The Google Search Scraper was ideally designed to make bulk Google searches and extract the results into an Excel spreadsheet file, but it can also make some advanced searches with the help of search operators.

      Search operators are queries that help you narrow down the focus of your search. Usually, these operators are symbols, but they also sometimes contain words, and you simply have to use them within your search phrases.

      With the help of the search operators I’m about to show you, the Google Search Scraper will extract influencer email addresses from TikTok within just a couple of minutes!

      Follow the steps below to use the Google Search Scraper and read my blogger outreach tips right below it.

      • On the Google Search Scraper's start page paste the following query: intext:"""" AND ""travel""

      • Next, select how many results you want the bot to extract:

      • Set custom options:

      • Next, enter the location of your search:

      • Finally, set up notifications and start the bot!

      An idea! 💡 You can also use blogger outreach for your B2B marketing by finding B2B influencers. Just edit the keywords from “travel” to your industry.

      Video guide

      Watch this short video where I describe how to use the Google Search Scraper:


      Downloading the results file and viewing it on your computer should give you this:


      • You can increase the number of results by using multiple email masks like this: intext:"""" OR """" OR """" OR """" OR """" AND ""travel""

      • You can also use this trick for other social networks to find even more influencers. Just edit the URL from to e.g.

      Building a 100% effective blog outreach strategy

      In building influencer marketing outreach strategies, a key component is your database. The database will help keep track of your progress. It should look similar to this:

      With this, you can track the results of your target blogger outreach campaign.

      Also read my comprehensive guide on how to find technology guest post sites to learn about yet another outreach strategy.

      FAQ about blog marketing outreach

      What is blogger outreach?

      Blogger outreach refers to the act of contacting content bloggers with a large number of followers to help push your brand or products to their audience to build brand awareness and win new customers.

      The best blogger outreach strategy involves putting your product or service in front of relevant bloggers, journalists, and influencers by sending them personalized emails, and also communicating what they get from talking about you on their page or channel.

      Does blogger outreach still work?

      Of course, yes.

      Thousands of businesses every day use well-known blogs and influencers to introduce new products or announce a promotional offer to the market. Blogger/ influencer outreach marketing ranks high among the most effective ways to quickly make a brand known to a target audience.

      But when contacting bloggers, have it in mind that blogger outreach best practices demand that you reach out with the intention of paying for their services. Otherwise, you may not find quality bloggers to work with.

      What are the benefits of blogger outreach?

      There are several benefits of conducting an influencer outreach campaign for your brand. These include:

      • Increasing your brand visibility and authority in your industry by getting featured on popular YouTube channels, blogs, and social media accounts.
      • Building relationships and networks with influential bloggers and social media personalities who can help your business grow in a short period of time.
      • Earning backlinks and referrals to your website, which can improve your rankings and search engines and also drive more traffic and sales.
      • Reaching new audiences and customers who have never heard of your brand but are interested in your offerings.
      • Building your social media following through referred traffic from the influencers that post about you.

      And so much more!

      Blogger outreach can be a powerful strategy to grow your brand and achieve your goals. However, it also requires extensive research and follow-up to do it effectively. This is why it is important to leverage the automated influencer outreach tools I described above to do it quickly and efficiently!

      How to outreach to Canadian bloggers?

      You can outreach to Canadian bloggers simply by using the tools and following the steps I described earlier in this blogger outreach guide.

      When using the tools to extract influencers and bloggers, simply enter cities within Canada instead of the United States.

      How to do multilingual blogger outreach?

      Using the tools and tricks I showed you above, multilingual blogger outreach is pretty straightforward.

      Most influencers and bloggers speak and write English well, even though they may create content in another language. This means that you only need to bother about location, and that’s easy.

      Whether you’re doing B2C or B2B influencer outreach, all you have to do is enter the location of your target language.

      For instance, if you’re looking for French-speaking influencers, you can enter cities in French-speaking countries as the location in the tools above and extract as much as you need. This goes for any language you wish to target.

      Cost of blogger outreach campaign tools

      Congratulations on learning the quality blogger outreach model I use to find top-tier influencers for my clients! Now, all you have to do is put what you’ve learned into action. Use the Botster automation tools I showed you above, and let your brand reach new people!

      Botster is home to a vast number of automation tools that are always available to help you handle any difficult and time-consuming tasks within minutes! The best part is that Botster offers a 7-day free trial period that gives you full access to every tool on the platform.

      And when the trial runs out, the bots cost so little they’re almost free. It’s like buying a new .com domain at a discount but the benefits are far more enormous!

      Don’t delay any longer. Create your Botster account and find (almost) free blogger outreach tools today!

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