How to Get Coordinates from Google Maps in Bulk


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      Have you wanted to learn how to get coordinates on Google Maps in bulk but don’t know where to start? Well, you’re on the right page.

      While getting the coordinates for a single location may only take a few clicks on your computer if you know what to do, gathering them in bulk is a lot more tedious and time-consuming.

      Not to talk of the fact that the task is so repetitive and draining, it would nearly bore you out of sanity!

      If you want to launch a direct mail campaign and are looking to bulk-extract addresses and ZIP codes for your marketing database in as little time as possible, this article is for you.

      In this step-by-step guide, I will show you:

      • How to export coordinates from Google Maps to Excel in bulk
      • How to turn longitude and latitude into addresses in bulk
      • How to fetch ZIP codes for each coordinate and address we’ve extracted

      Now, who may need to make bulk lists of Google Maps coordinates and why?

      • The first person who may try finding coordinates on Google Maps is a business owner who desires to reach his/her potential customers through direct mail marketing.
      • Likewise, a freelancer or contractor may want to gather up the coordinates of potential clients to pitch his or her services; also through direct mail.
      • Another person who may need to extract latitude and longitude from Google Maps is a professional who is acting on behalf of either a business or contractor to get the job done.

      To accurately demonstrate the steps of this guide, I will be bulk-extracting coordinates of fitness centers in Birmingham, Alabama 🏋️‍♂️

      By the time you’re done reading this, I hope you’d have had all you need to fully launch your direct mail campaigns.

      Without further delay, let’s get this show started!

      3 ways to bulk-extract Google Maps coordinates

      There are quite a number of ways to look up and extract the geographical coordinates of actual buildings, and I will be showing you 3 of the most reliable methods.

      All through this guide to finding longitude and latitude on Google Maps, I will introduce you to different bots that can speed up the process so that we can extract every detail without wasting time.

      Not only will the bots ensure speed, but they will also ensure accuracy.

      Don’t worry, you can thank me later 😌

      1. How to find longitude and latitude on Google Maps BY KEYWORD

      First, I’d like to introduce you to the Google Maps Scraper. Using the keyword you provide, this bot will fetch locations and other data such as coordinates, some contact info, and many others.

      To access this bot (and the ones I’ll mention later on), you must first create an account on Botster:

      Registration is free, and your payment details are not required. Once your account is set up and you’ve verified your email address, you’re ready to put the Google Maps Scraper to work.

      To get started finding GPS coordinates on Google Maps:

      • Name your job (e.g. fitness centers in Birmingham Alabama) and enter a folder name if you wish:

      • Enter your keywords, including your target location.

      Each keyword must be on a new line:

      • Select how many companies you’d like to extract:

      • Select ‘your’ location on the map.

      Your location affects the results of your search. Best if it’s the same as your target location:

      • Select how you’d like to receive your results.

      • And…. start the bot!

      Voila! That’s it for the first method of getting GPS coordinates from Google Maps!

      The “My Jobs” page will automatically open, and you will see the bot running. Wait till it shows “completed”, then click “View data” to see the results:

      You’ll also receive your result in your email address.

      Video guide

      Here’s a video tutorial I made earlier, in case you want to watch me go through these steps:


      This is what the result of our query looks like:

      The coordinates are in the last two columns, so you may need to scroll the page to see them. You can also click on any of the logos at the top-right to download the results to your computer in the desired format.

      Tips on how to use your extracted data

      Later on, I’ll show you how to copy coordinates from Google Maps result files. But for now, let’s continue.

      2. How to look up coordinates on Google Maps BY RADIUS

      The second method of getting latitude and longitude from Google Maps is by using the Google Maps by Radius Finder.

      The Google Maps by Radius Finder will gather results for the keywords you provide, only within the radius you specified. It works pretty much the same way as the bot we used above. The only difference is that it lets you set a radius for your search.

      Probably the best thing about this bot is the fact that it won’t go beyond the radius you’ve set. Every result outside your radius will be automatically filtered out. So if you’re looking to target businesses in a specific area, this is the bot for you.

      Quickly, here’s how to get geo coordinates from Google Maps by Radius Finder:

      • Open the bot’s start page and fill in the required details.
      • Enter your keywords. Let’s use the same keywords and locations as we did above.

      ⚠️ Each query must go on a new line:

      • Set the radius (in meters).

      The Google Maps by Radius Finder will look for matches within this distance from the starting point:

      • Set a location.

      This is the starting point. It could be a landmark, business, or street (as an example, let’s take the Vulcan Park & Museum). Select a location and press “Enter”:

      • Click on "Start this Bot" and that’s it!

      There goes the second method of getting coordinates from Google Maps.

      Video tutorial

      Watch a short video of me explaining how to launch the Google Maps by Radius Finder:


      The Google Maps by Radius Finder will successfully export latitude and longitude from Google Maps in about a minute. Then you can open it to see the results:


      • Use coordinates to fine-tune targeting in your advertising campaigns.
      • Keep the results file sent to your email address safe for future use.
      • Use another bot to turn the coordinates into actual addresses. We will get to this shortly.

      3. How to get GPS coordinates from Google Maps BY ZIP CODE

      Now for the last method on how to extract longitude and latitude from Google Maps, we will be using the Address by ZIP Code Finder. The Address by ZIP Code Finder, as its name describes, will find coordinates based on the ZIP codes you provide.

      Like the two methods I’ve already described, this is an effective way of getting longitude and latitude on Google Maps in bulk. The only thing that’s mandatory here is that you have the zip code for which you want to extract coordinates.

      Now follow these steps to extract coordinates using the Address by ZIP Code Finder:

      • Open the bot’s start page and name your job.
      • Enter your desired country:

      • Enter the ZIP codes.

      Each must be on a new line:

      • Click on “Start this bot” and you’re good to go!

      There goes the 3rd method on how to get longitude and latitude from Google Maps! It’s nothing difficult, right?

      Video tutorial

      If you do find it difficult though, then just watch me demonstrate how to launch this bot. I'm doing it in the first part of this video:


      Next, I'd like to show you how to convert these coordinates to actual addresses. But first, let’s see our results. Using the ZIP codes provided, the bot was able to generate full addresses as well as the longitudes and latitudes:


      • If you run digital marketing campaigns, you can use zip codes for precise targeting in Google ads
      • To keep your data tight, filter the results and remove duplicates.
      • Use the extracted longitudes and latitudes to extract addresses as described in the next section.

      Converting Google Maps coordinates to address in bulk

      Now that I’ve shown you the best ways to look up GPS coordinates on Google Maps, I’d like to also show you how to get full addresses from those coordinates.

      If you’re to launch your direct mail campaign, the coordinates you have at the moment are not enough. For that, you still need addresses and ZIP codes.

      We’ve come this far, so let’s get this done in the next few minutes.

      Step 1 - Turning Google Maps longitude latitude to address

      First, we’re going to use the Coordinates to Address Converter to extract the addresses that are associated with the longitudes and latitudes we’ve gathered so far.

      Now, pay close attention as I go through the steps of using this bot.

      • Open the result you got from paragraphs 1 and 2 above, either by downloading the files sent to your email address or by opening them from the "My Jobs" page.
      • Look for the columns “Latitude” and “Longitude” in the first result:

      • Look for "geometry_location_lat" and "geometry _location_lng" in the second result:

      • Open the Coordinates to Address Converter’s start page and scroll down to the “Coordinates” field.
      • Now select and copy the data from the columns I mentioned above and paste them into the box as shown below.

      Note that each latitude and longitude pair must be on a single line:

      The Coordinates to Address Converter accepts the following formats:

      xx.xx, xx.xx


      xx.xx xx.xx

      I.e., the lat and long may be separated by a comma and a space, by a comma only, or by a space only.

      • Click on “Start Bot” on the right-hand side of the screen and Ta-Da! 🎉 You'll have addresses for each coordinate you submitted.

      Now, just wait a while for the bot to gather your results and send them to your email address.

      Video tutorial

      Watch a short video guide on how to launch the Coordinates to Address Finder:


      In the result, you will find two columns: one for the coordinates you entered, and the other for the corresponding addresses:


      • Send direct mail to addresses you’ve generated, introducing yourself and your services with the aim of building relationships.
      • Send samples, life hacks, and promotional offers to get prospects more interested.
      • Use the addresses to generate ZIP codes using one last bot I'll show you in this guide.

      Step 2 - Adding zip codes to Google Maps GPS coordinates and addresses

      This is the final step in this step-by-step guide on how to extract coordinates from Google Maps.

      To automate this step, we'll be using the Address to ZIP Finder bot. This bot can help you extract the zip codes for any addresses you plug into it in bulk.

      While sending direct mail to prospects, it is essential that you attach the destination ZIP to each mail to ensure delivery to the desired address. And since we decided to look up coordinates on Google Maps so we can use them to extract data for direct mail marketing, we're not done until we have the ZIP codes.

      Using the Address to ZIP Finder is quite easy. Follow the steps below:

      • Open the bot’s start page, and fill in the necessary details.
      • Look for "Country name" and enter the country of the addresses. In our case, the United States:

      • Scroll down to the “Addresses” section. Then copy and paste the addresses you got from the results above into it, making sure each one is on a new line:

      • Click "Start this bot" to launch the bot into action!

      Video tutorial

      In the second part of the video, I'm showing how to get coordinates on Google Maps in bulk:


      The Address to ZIP Finder bot will crawl the address archives and fetch you the exact ZIP codes attached to each of the addresses you provided:


      • Tailor your direct mails going to similar ZIP codes based on what's relevant to them.
      • Leverage the ZIP codes to track your performance in different locations.
      • If you wish to make the most of direct mail marketing, my article on building target audience for direct mail marketing contains a wealth of knowledge that can make it easier for you to get started.

      Google Maps coordinates search: pricing

      So far, I've taught you different methods on how to get coordinates on Google Maps, export coordinates to Excel, and extract addresses from them using a number of bots.

      I'm certain that the speeds at which these bots operate are quite impressive! 🚀 But even more impressive is how affordable they are:

      • Extracting 100 coordinates with the help of the Google Maps Scraper will cost you 60 cents (as of 2023).
      • Exporting coordinates with the help of the Google Maps by Radius Finder will cost you only 9 cents per keyword you enter.
      • Extracting addresses using the Address by ZIP Code Finder costs just 70 cents for every 100 ZIP codes you enter.
      • Extracting addresses from coordinates using the Coordinates to Address Converter will cost you a meager 7 cents for every 10 coordinates you enter. A hundred coordinates-to-addresses will cost you just 70 cents.
      • Adding ZIP codes to addresses using the Address to ZIP Finder bot will cost you 8 cents for 10 addresses. Finding ZIP codes for 100 addresses then will cost you just 80 cents.

      Considering how much these bots can help you accomplish for so little, I see no reason why you shouldn't leverage them to automate your business right now.

      And if you need more convincing, open a Botster account and jump on the free trial. You certainly won't be disappointed!

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