How to Make a Good Title for a YouTube Video


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      In the world of content, one could safely say “title is king” 👑 Whether you’re writing an article or shooting a product video, your title has a big influence on the performance of that content when it goes live. Have you been trying to learn how to title YouTube videos to get more views? Your search ends here because, in this guide, I will cover everything you wish to know!

      It doesn’t matter whether you are new to YouTube production or have been creating content for years. This guide contains tips on YouTube video title best practices and highly actionable steps you can take to write high-performing titles for your videos!

      Hold on, that’s not all. There’s more.

      In showing you how to find the best title for a YouTube video, I will not only share tips and best practices of video title creation with you. Rather, I will also show you a few automation bots that will help you execute tasks easily where action is necessary.

      For easy reading, I’ve split these YouTube video title tips into two groups — those that require tools and those that don’t.

      By the end of this guide, your video title writing skills will have received a massive boost and you’ll be genuinely impressed with yourself! 💪

      Now, that’s enough talk. Let’s get started on how to write catchy and SEO-optimized YouTube video titles!

      To put things in perspective and aid learning, I will base the short How-tos in this article on a hypothetical floral business based in Florida. With this, we will examine how you can leverage each of these tips for writing great video titles for YouTube in real-life applications.

      How to create the best titles for YouTube videos: Tips and tools

      1. How to write a quality YouTube video title: SEO is key

      SEO being the cheapest way to attract viewers and gain organic followership on YouTube, it is only natural that I mention it first.

      For the question of how to title YouTube videos for more views, this is the first answer. You must incorporate relevant search keywords used by the target audience and reflect the content of your video.

      Research popular search terms related to your topic and place these keywords around the beginning of your title to increase visibility and search ranking. These search terms are solid YouTube video title suggestions you can use at any time.

      To quickly find 100s of popular search terms related to your topic within a minute or two, I recommend using the YouTube Keyword Scraper.

      The YouTube Keyword Scraper is a fully automated tool designed to extract autocomplete search terms from YouTube.

      Ideally, if you’re looking for how to title YouTube videos for SEO, the YouTube search bar is where you should be looking. That’s because it automatically suggests keywords used by real users to find the content they want.

      Now, to be able to use this tool, you will need to create a free account on Botster (no credit card required):

      Registration on Botster is fast and easy, and you’ll be done in less than 2 minutes.

      Once you’ve verified your email address, follow the steps below to create the best YouTube video titles by enriching them with SEO-relevant keywords:

      • Open the YouTube Keyword Scraper’s start page by clicking on “Start bot”:

      • Name your job and set a folder if needed (I’ll make my title “YouTube video SEO”):

      • Set your custom options:

      • Next, select your preferred search methods:

      • Select your preferred search depth:

      • Enter your search phrase:

      • Now, set your notification preferences:

      • Finally, click on “Start this bot” to launch this tool into action:

      And that’s it! You’re done!

      Video guide

      You can watch a quick video of the YouTube Keyword Scraper’s setup below:


      The results from the YouTube Keyword Scraper will look similar to this, filled with good YouTube video titles:

      Read my comprehensive guide on how to improve SEO for YouTube for more YouTube production success tips.

      2. How to generate title ideas for YouTube videos: Check the search intent

      Next on how to write a title for a YouTube video is the topic of search intent.

      Search intent refers to the motivation behind a user’s search on YouTube, and the algorithm decides this based on the type of content that is viewed most every time a search phrase is used.

      So when you search on Google or YouTube and a particular type of content (commercial or transactional) dominates the results, it’s a pointer to the search intent of that keyword.

      How does this help you to write a title for YouTube videos? Well, matching your video title to the search intent you created it for helps improve rankings.

      Believe me, the words used in a search phrase are not enough to judge search intent. You can only judge search intent by analyzing search results.

      To easily analyze search results, use the YouTube Search Extractor.

      The YouTube Search Extractor will extract video information from search results for any keyword you provide.

      Setting it up is quite easy:

      • Open the YouTube Search Extractor’s start page and name your job.
      • Enter your target keyphrase:

      • Set how many results you wish to extract:

      • Start the bot!

      Video guide

      Watch this short video for how to launch the YouTube Search Extractor:


      The results extracted by the YouTube Search Extractor should look similar to this:

      Carefully analyzing this result shows that this keyphrase has an informational intent, with most of the videos being over 10 minutes long!

      3. How to title videos on YouTube: Use a YouTube video title analyzer

      Another thing you can do to find a title for a YouTube video easily is to analyze other videos that performed well in that niche. And this is not about videos with the highest views because the channel may have a huge following. Instead, pick the highest-ranking videos on the topic and analyze them thoroughly.

      To easily analyze YouTube videos, I recommend the YouTube Video Info Extractor.

      The YouTube Video Info Extractor will extract the full details of any video URL you provide. It can take up to 1,000 URLs at once and will export all their data into a single spreadsheet for easy analysis.

      Here’s how to use the YouTube Video Info Extractor for YouTube video title research:

      • Open the YouTube Video Info Extractor's start page.
      • Paste the links to the videos ranking high on your target topic:

      • Start the bot!

      And that’s all.

      To get value from this tool, you must know how to choose a YouTube video title by yourself, which is the point of this entire writeup anyway. So try to apply as many tips on this list as you can.

      Video guide

      Watch the short video below for how to launch the YouTube Video Info Extractor:


      The results from the YouTube Video Info Extractor should be similar to this:

      Analyze the titles and descriptions of the highest-ranking videos and borrow the best practices from them.

      4. How to choose title for YouTube video: Analyze competitor titles

      To improve the quality of your YouTube video titles, study the titles of videos produced by your competitors or other channels within your niche. Preferably, you should only select well-to-do channels.

      Identify common patterns, successful strategies, and areas for improvement. Analyzing competitor titles can give you insights for writing a better title of a YouTube video.

      To analyze your competitors' video titles, the YouTube Channel Analyzer is your best bet!

      Just as its name suggests, the YouTube Channel Analyzer will scan any YouTube channel you provide and export all information about their videos into a spreadsheet, making it very easy to study them.

      Launching this amazing tool is very straightforward:

      • Open the YouTube Channel Analyzer's start page and name your job as usual.
      • Select how many videos you’d like to extract:

      • Set a date range if you wish:

      • Paste competitors’ channel URLs. you can scan up to 50 at once:

      • Start the bot and wait for your results!

      Video guide

      Watch this short video that describes how to launch the YouTube Channel Analyzer:


      From this list, you can easily see the extracted videos from each channel. You can even sort the list descending by the “Total views” column to see the ones with the highest watches.

      For further knowledge, read my detailed guide on how to use the YouTube channel competitor analysis toolkit.

      How to create the best titles for YouTube videos: More tips

      5. How to write an attractive title for YouTube video: Be concise and specific

      A clear and concise YouTube video title serves as the gateway to your content, drawing potential viewers to click and engage. Coming up with good titles for YouTube videos may sometimes be a time-consuming chore. Still, it’s better to avoid clickbait and vague titles and instead opt for specific details that accurately portray the content. This helps attract the right people who are genuinely interested in the topic.

      For instance, the keyphrase “how to store wedding bouquet overnight” (extracted from the previous bot) is as specific as YouTube video titles can be. Concise titles under 60 characters also show fully in search results, which may improve clicks.

      6. How to write YouTube video title: Create intrigue

      Even though it is widely known, psychology has established that humans are naturally curious beings and many times, the urge to satisfy that curiosity gets the better side of us.

      Simply use this innate feature to your advantage by crafting titles that pique curiosity and leave viewers wanting more. Intriguing questions, suspenseful statements, and cliffhangers often lure viewers to click on your video.

      Using catchy titles for YouTube videos also falls into this category. However, know that there is a thin line between intrigue and clickbait. Try to stick to the ethical side.

      7. How to write a catchy title for YouTube video: Use numbers

      Numbers tend to stand out in titles and tell the viewers exactly what to expect from the video, which makes them highly clickable.

      While numbers work well with titles focused on SEO, they also tend to increase conversion rates. So when used together, not only does your content rank high in search, but it also has a high chance of being viewed!

      How to title your YouTube videos with numbers? I found out that video titles that say “X simple ways” or “X simple steps” work very well. For guides, try to use a small number like “3 simple steps”. For “comparison content”, feel free to use a higher number.

      8. How to write the best video title for YouTube: Trigger an emotion

      Humans are highly emotional beings and will often gravitate towards things we can relate to. This happens to everyone and it is a form of unconscious bias, albeit a healthy one.

      As a content creator, you can use this fact to your advantage by writing titles that trigger an emotion in potential viewers. This is not about manipulation nor is it about writing catchy YouTube video titles to trigger curiosity. Rather, you can write titles that resonate with people more deeply and personally.

      9. How to write best title for YouTube video: Highlight benefits or solutions

      In an attempt to pique curiosity, many YouTubers tend to leave out info that can actually improve their performance in search. That is not the best way to title YouTube videos.

      One of the strategies that have been found to work best is to make known the benefit or takeaway of the video. Vague or evasive titles that don’t promise to benefit the user get ignored.

      Instead of writing vague video titles for YouTube, address the viewers' pain points, desires, or challenges directly in the title by mentioning the problem you aim to solve in the video.

      10. How to make a good YouTube video title: Localize titles for a specific audience

      If your business targets an international customer pool, it can be difficult to get through to them. That’s because the world is a large place and there’s most likely one bigger business out there dominating your industry’s global SEO landscape.

      In that case, you should localize your title to reach a specific audience one at a time. The easiest way to do this is to use a long-tail keyword. Usually, these keywords include audience-specific terms that may refer to a location, age group, or gender. A typical example is the term “DIY wedding flowers UK” which targets the UK populace.

      And that’s it! 10 unbeatable tips on how to make a title for a YouTube video!

      Free trial for the YouTube video title extractor tools

      Did you have fun reading my tips and YouTube video title ideas? I know you did!

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