4 Automation Tools for Commercial Mortgage Lead Generation


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      Not every company can afford the luxury of taking a commercial mortgage loan and paying huge amounts of money to a bank every month. As a broker, you need to know where to find those who can afford this. In today's post, I’ll tell you how to generate commercial mortgage leads free or almost free!

      For those who are new to lead generation: leads are in fact your potential clients - companies or people. Eager to find some? Then read my step-by-step guide where you’ll learn:

      • How to get commercial mortgage broker leads on LinkedIn;
      • How to generate commercial real estate mortgage leads by cold campaigning;
      • How to export business emails and phones in bulk;
      • Which automation tools to use in each case.

      There are several ways for a commercial mortgage broker to find clients:

      1. Hire a professional mortgage lead generator (too expensive);
      2. Buy live leads databases (also expensive);
      3. Word of mouth (too long);
      4. Launch an advertising campaign (too expensive and too long);
      5. Use automation tools (very cheap, and the first leads may appear within 1-2 days).

      Guess which variant I would choose if I were a commercial mortgage broker like you? 😉

      You got it! Variant 5. And this is exactly the strategy that I am going to disclose below. Read on, and you will never have to buy commercial mortgage leads - you’ll generate them on your own!

      Generating commercial mortgage broker leads on LinkedIn

      While small businesses prefer to rent premises, larger companies - no matter which branch they work in - tend to buy their own land and buildings. There’s no better place to look for large companies than on LinkedIn - that’s because LinkedIn allows you to easily sort all companies of the world by the number of employees, by branch, by region, etc.

      Finding exclusive mortgage leads among large companies

      Let’s find a bunch of companies on LinkedIn that are large enough and are likely to need a commercial mortgage loan. Extract these companies into a convenient and sortable spreadsheet using the LinkedIn Search Scraper - an online mortgage lead generation software that exports search results from LinkedIn for people or companies (we’ll opt for companies).

      Here’s a quick guide on how to use this bot. It’s very easy and requires no coding knowledge, just the basic computer skills and a free account on Botster:

      • Open the LinkedIn Search Scraper’s start page:

      • Name your job:

      • Tick ‘Companies’:

      • Specify the company size.

      If a company can afford to pay salaries to several thousands employees, there is no doubt that it can afford a mortgage loan. Tick ‘5,001-10,000’:

      • Specify the desired location:

      • Select the industry.

      As an example, let’s opt for the ‘Logistics and Supply Chain’. These guys do need roomy office premises and large warehouses for storing all kinds of goods, and they are less likely to work remotely: 

      • Set the number of companies to scrape.

      Opt for the maximum!

      • Enter your keyword:

      • Select how you’d like the bot to notify you once the job is done:

      • …and start the bot!


      The commercial mortgage lead software has exported the desired companies’ names and LinkedIn profile URLs into a table that looks like this:


      • Sort the results by ‘Title’ in alphabetical order. This will facilitate your work in the future.
      • Next, you can either open each link manually and check if the company is suitable for your goals…
      • …or go on to the next step, export all-embracing information about these companies from LinkedIn into a sortable table, and make your analysis even more convenient.

      Selecting the best commercial mortgage real estate leads

      Use the LinkedIn company profile URLs to launch the next bot called the Linkedin Company Info Scraper. This is a virtually free mortgage lead management software that extracts all-embracing company information from LinkedIn into a spreadsheet.

      Excited to learn how to use it? It’s as easy as ABC! Here you are:

      • Open the Linkedin Company Info Scraper’s start page.
      • Paste the URLs into a special field.

      ⚠️ Each link must go on a new line:

      • Start the bot.

      Video tutorial

      Watch me demonstrate how to launch the Linkedin Company Info Scraper:


      The commercial mortgage lead distribution software has extracted quite a number of useful fields, so that they don’t even fit into one screenshot:

      Here’s the full list of the scraped data (also, see this example file for reference):

      • LinkedIn profile URL
      • Company name
      • Tagline
      • Description
      • Website
      • Phone
      • Industry
      • Company type
      • Founded year
      • Funding data
      • Company size
      • Company size on LinkedIn
      • Follower count
      • Country
      • Geographic area
      • City
      • Postal code
      • Address
      • Universal name ID
      • Profile picture URL
      • Profile background picture URL


      • Sort the results ascending by ‘Company type’. All privately held companies will automatically move to the top of list, while all public companies will move to the end:

      Which companies are more likely to need your services - the private or the public ones? You can either delete the unneeded ones or hold two separate commercial mortgage lead generation campaigns - one for the privately held companies and the other one for the public ones.

      • Sort the table descending by ‘Funding data’: this column contains information about the companies’ money assets. And you do want clients with a high paying capacity, don’t you?

      • We’ve extracted your potential clients from all over the United States to maximize the number of commercial mortgage sales leads. Now sort the companies in alphabetical order by ‘City’ and select the ones that are located closest to your city of residence. The less time you spend on business trips - the more time you have for rest and other simple pleasures! ⛱️

      • If you prefer personal contact, use the company phones and physical addresses in the like-named columns to schedule a meeting.
      • Start a cold campaign on LinkedIn: private messaging in this social network sometimes works even better than emailing! Open every profile, send them your collaboration offer, and track progress in the spreadsheet.
      • Use the company sites in the ‘Website’ column to extract business emails and phones for yet another cold campaign! (use the Phone, Email and Contact Scraper as described below)

      Contacting company leadership to get the best commercial mortgage leads

      No matter if it’s soft or hard money commercial mortgage leads that you’re seeking to get, you need to speak to the right people. There is no use in offering a commercial mortgage loan to a secretary - it’s her boss that you need to speak to! 👔

      In this paragraph I’m going to show you a fast and easy way to find company leaders’ LinkedIn profiles in bulk. You can use them to message the decision makers. (If you prefer emailing to LinkedIn messaging, read my guide on how to do business email lookup and how to find CEO emails in bulk.)

      The bot that is going to help us is called the LinkedIn Employee Scraper. This perfect commercial lead management software for mortgage brokers exports LinkedIn company employees’ names, titles and LinkedIn profile URLs into a table. This is exactly what we need to single out the CEOs!

      A short guide:

      • Open the Linkedin Employee Scraper’s start page.
      • Paste the URLs into a special field.

      ⚠️ Each link must go on a new line:

      • Select how many employees you would like to scrape.

      Since we are working with large companies, I recommend you scraping the maximum number of employees. This will significantly increase your chances of finding the right people:

      • Launch the bot.

      Video tutorial

      Watch me explain how to launch the LinkedIn Employee Scraper:


      The resulting table contains the employees’ names, job titles and LinkedIn profile URLs:


      Now that you have all these companies’ employees so conveniently extracted into a table by the commercial mortgage leads software, do the following:

      • Sort the results in alphabetical order by ‘Company URL’ and then by ‘Title’. This will prevent you from confusing employees belonging to different companies with each other.
      • Use Excel’s ‘Find’ function to quickly single out the people you need:
      • Press Ctrl+F;
      • Type in CEO;
      • Click on ‘Find all’:

      • Highlight the detected results in yellow.
      • Repeat these steps for the words that are synonyms to CEO (e.g. president, head, leader, chief, director, etc.)

      You’ll get a table with all the decision makers highlighted in yellow:

      • Message them on LinkedIn!

      Generating commercial real estate mortgage leads by cold campaigning

      Even though the Internet mortgage lead generation strategy described above may seem enough, don’t neglect the traditional  cold campaigning. This includes:

      • Bulk-mailing
      • Cold-calling

      While you may be well aware of how to represent yourself in the best light as a broker, you might be wondering how to find business emails and phones fast and how to get commercial mortgage leads from them.

      This comes easy with the Phone, Email and Contact Scraper - one of the most demanded bots ever! It extracts contact information including emails, phones, links to social networks and messengers from a list of websites.

      How to use it:

      • Open the Phone, Email and Contact Scraper’s start page.
      • Paste the sites.

      ⚠️ Each link must go on a new line:

      • Select the contact types to scrape.

      The full list includes emails, phone numbers, social network accounts and messengers.

      • Select how many pages the bot is supposed to scan.

      Sites consist of many pages, and the contacts you are looking for may be published on any of these pages. Also, site owners tend to hide their emails and phone numbers. Thus, the more pages the bot scrapes, the more likely it is to actually find the desired contacts:

      • Start the bot.

      Video tutorial

      Watch me walk you through the Phone, Email and Contact Scraper bot's setup:


      The resulting spreadsheet contains emails, phones and numeric strings that look like phones. Use this valuable contact data to generate exclusive commercial mortgage leads (I’ve hidden the actual emails for privacy reasons):


      • Divide the table into two parts: one for the phones and one for the emails.
      • The Phone, Email and Contact Scraper scrapes all websites simultaneously. This is why the same websites may appear in the beginning, in the middle and in the end of the table. To avoid troubles, sort the phone numbers table in alphabetical order by ‘Input URL’. This will bring your phone list in order.
      • Now sort the email table in alphabetical order by ‘Input URL’ and by ‘Email’. This will facilitate the selection of the appropriate emails for your campaign.
      • Before starting your commercial mortgage sales lead generation campaign, validate your extracted emails and phones with the automatic data validation tools described here. This will spare you some time, money and unneeded work.

      Commercial mortgage leads: pricing

      Getting the best mortgage leads for loan officers doesn’t have to be pricey - on the contrary, the tools described in this article are cheap - and cheerful! Just take a look at the prices (as of 2023):

      • Extracting 10 companies’ LinkedIn profile URLs using the LinkedIn Search Scraper will cost you approximately 30 cents (50 companies - 50 cents, 100 companies - 65 cents, 200 companies - 90 cents),
      • Exporting all-embracing data about 1 company with the Linkedin Company Info Scraper will cost you 5 cents (10 companies - 50 cents, 100 companies - $1, etc.),
      • Retrieving 10 employees from 1 company with the help of the LinkedIn Employee Scraper will cost you 5 cents (100 employees from 1 company - 14 cents, 500 employees from 1 company - 22 cents, 1000 employees from 1 company - 45 cents),
      • And scraping contacts from 10 pages of 1 website using the Phone, Email and Contact Scraper will cost you 5 cents (scraping contacts from 100 pages of 1 website - 25 cents).

      Now you know how to get almost free commercial mortgage leads without spending much time and effort. And if you are a mortgage broker dreaming of starting your own blog or video channel, then read my tips on how to generate mortgage broker leads by blogging and YouTubing.

      Don’t wait for too long to apply your newly acquired lead generation skills - your competitors never sleep! They may also be reading this article now ☝️ Luckily enough, the strategy that I’ve shared with you offers endless opportunities for commercial mortgage loan lead generation. There are enough leads for everyone!


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