How to Get Leads for Construction Business


      Trying to learn how to get construction leads online can be a challenging and time-consuming endeavor because you’ll often come across blogs that simply tell you what to do but not exactly how to do it.

      If, at this point, you have tried various methods such as cold calling, networking, advertising, or referrals, but none of them seem to generate enough qualified prospects for your company, you may wonder if there is a better way to go about it.

      However, I assure you, when it comes to lead generation, construction industry is one of the leading branches where you can get leads online without spending too much money or effort.

      Probably the best news I can share with you right now is that there are several easy-to-use automation tools that can help you quickly find and contact other construction companies for business. And in this guide, I’m going to show you exactly how to use them.

      From this step-by-step guide you’ll learn:

      • How to generate leads in construction using SEO
      • How to bulk-export emails and phones for getting new construction leads
      • How to automate and streamline your lead generation process and save time and money

      This isn't your average how-to; it's your roadmap to expanding your reach and dominating your competitors as I will be showing you the exact steps to find more construction lead from Google and grow your business faster.

      To put this guide into perspective and make learning smoother, I will be getting industrial warehouse construction leads for an imaginary warehouse in the steps below.

      This strategy would work for any industry, but if you own or work at a construction company, you’re in for a treat! So, grab your hat, and let's do some construction company B2B lead generation!

      Finding SEO keywords as part of your construction lead generation campaign

      Step 1: Finding SEO keywords to get daily construction project leads

      Tool 1

      The first tool I’ll be introducing in this guide is called the Google Search Suggestions Scraper. What this tool does is extract search suggestions from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and YouTube:

      For this step, we’ll be using the Google Search Suggestions Scraper to find keywords related to construction companies.

      To gain access to this tool and get started finding construction leads, you must first open an account on Botster:

      Registration is fast and easy, and your credit card details are not required.

      • On the bot’s start page, enter a new name for this job and set a folder path. I’ll be using “Construction business leads keywords”:

      • Next, set up your target region and language:

      • Setup the search methods you want the tool to adopt:

      • Next, set a desired search depth:

      • Now, select other search engines if you would love to extract their data too:

      • Next, input your keywords. You can input multiple keywords but each one must go on a new line:

      • Finally, set up your notification options, making sure you select the option to attach the Excel file to the notification email:

      • Once you’ve done all that, click on “Start this bot” to kick the bot into action:

      And that concludes using the first construction lead tool on this list.

      Upon launching the bot into action, the “My Jobs” page will automatically open and you’ll see something like this:

      That’s the tool working tirelessly to fetch your queries and pack the results in an Excel file. It usually takes less than a minute.

      Video guide

      While you’re waiting, below is a video guide I made earlier, in case you’d like to watch me use this construction leads app:


      Opening the Excel file locally on your computer should show you something like this:

      Now that we have target keywords, we can proceed to the second tool in this guide on the best way to get local construction leads.

      Tool 2

      Now, we’ll be using the Google People Also Ask and Related Searches Exporter to extract even more keywords that can help us find elite construction leads.

      The Google People Also Ask and Related Searches Exporter will scrape People Also Ask and Related Searches phrases from Google's like-named widgets and extract them into a spreadsheet.

      Follow the steps below to search for construction leads using this tool:

      • Launch the Google People Also Ask and Related Searches Exporter's start page and name your job as we did in the first tool.
      • You can copy the keywords in the results from the previous extraction and paste them into the field titled “Search Queries”. But you can also use new keywords:

      • Next, select the type of snippet you wish to extract:

      • Next, set your custom options as needed:

      • Also, select your desired location for the search. Ideally, this should be the city or state within which you wish to operate:

      • Finally, set up time and scheduling options if you want the tool to run periodically or start at a later time:

      • Once you’ve done that, click on “Start this bot”, and you are done!

      By the time the software is done running, we will have more keywords to find Internet leads for construction supplies.

      Video guide

      Below is a video guide I made for this tool in case you wanna watch me use it. Demonstrating this particular bot at 07:19:


      Here’s the result of the extraction we did just now:

      And there goes the first step in this in-depth guide on how to get good construction leads.


      Step 2: Picking high-volume keywords to generate the best construction leads

      The next thing we’ll do now is to pick the keywords with the highest search volume for use in our SEO strategy. Using SEO as part of your lead generation strategy can potentially bring you unlimited construction leads as long as your website is up and running.

      For this step, we’ll be using the Search Volume and CPC Finder. This tool can fetch cost per click (CPC) and search volume data for keywords on Google in bulk.

      Using keywords with high search volume and low CPC in SEO and advertising can really augment lead generation for construction companies.

      Without further delays, launch the Search Volume and CPC Finder’s start page and name your job. Next:

      • Set a region to get region-specific data or leave it on “Region independent” to get global data. For this guide, I’m sticking with Alabama:

      • Next, copy the keywords you extracted from the two tools above and paste them into the field titled “Search keywords and phrases”:

      • Now click on “Start this bot” and you’re done already!

      Don’t forget we’re trying to find good construction leads. Not leads that would ghost cold emails, but those that actually need our services. So we need to attract those people only.

      That’s the importance of finding target keyphrases normal people use in searching Google every day. This is how to find construction project leads the smart way.

      Video guide

      Watch a quick video tutorial on how to use the Search Volume and CPC Finder:


      Opening the result file in Excel should give you something similar to this:

      Note that our search is highly targeted, which is why some of the values have 0. Things would be different if we were targeting all of the United States.

      Besides, they often show up in search suggestions and in the People Also Ask section, so you want to target them in your content to aid your construction company lead generation marketing.

      • First thing you should do here is to sort the results descending by the column “Volume”. Use the keywords with the highest volume on your site and on your blog, mostly as titles, and use those with lower volume as sub-headings and in the text body.
      • If you’re considering paid ads, you can sort the results by cost per click to see keywords with high CPC and their volume.
      • Also, read my article on how to use Botster as a cheaper alternative to Ahrefs for more tips on how to use this and other Botster bots for effective keyword research.

      Now to the second part of this guide which involves actively looking for construction leads.

      Let’s go.

      Outreach campaign as a means of getting leads for construction projects

      There are two approaches to lead generation: attracting them through SEO and conducting an outreach campaign. But the best way to get construction leads is to combine both for a balanced strategy.

      Step 1: How to search for potential clients and turn them into your construction sales leads

      To conduct an outreach campaign to find leads, you need to find people who are likely to need your services. Right now, I can think of hotels, schools, and real estate firms.

      For this guide on how to get more construction leads, I will focus on real estate firms because there’s potential for regular business which includes design, planning, development, and maintenance of buildings.

      To find real estate firms in Alabama, we’ll use a tool called the Google Maps by Radius Finder. This tool will extract businesses listed on Google Maps based on our search keyword. So basically, we’re conducting a construction lead search.

      • Launch the Google Maps by Radius Finder’s start page and name your job.
      • Next, input your keywords. If you have more than one, each one should go on a new line:

      • Next, enter your preferred search radius. The higher the number, the wider the search:

      • Now, enter your location. I like to use a landmark in the heart of the state or city I’m searching in. So I'll use The Alabama State Capitol:

      • Now, start the bot and wait a few moments for your result to be prepared. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

      Looking for how to find construction leads now? There you go.

      Video guide

      Below is the video guide I made for this tool:


      The result is out and it looks beautiful:


      • First, sort the results by business status to group and delete those that are not operational.
      • Depending on the keywords you use, the bot may extract businesses that are not useful to you, so sort the results by type and select the companies that are most appropriate for your goal.
      • Use the extracted phones for cold calling.

      Now that we have successfully found leads for construction work, let’s get to finding their contact info and reaching out for collaboration.

      Step 2: How to generate construction leads by bulk mailing

      Tool 1

      The first tool we'll be using in this step is the Phone, Email and Contact Scraper. It’s futile to attempt construction leads generation if we don’t have their contact details. And this tool will help us with that.

      • Quickly, launch the Phone, Email and Contact Scraper’s start page and name your job.
      • From the last extraction, there’s a column for “Domain.” Copy the business domain and paste it into the field titled “Website list”:

      • Next, select the elements you wish to extract. We already have their phone numbers, so we only need the email addresses:

      • Now, select how many pages you want the tool to check for their email addresses. The more the pages, the higher the chances of finding them:

      • Finally, start the bot and Voila! You’re done already, and your results will be gathered within just a few moments.

      You’ll agree with me that this is probably the best app for construction leads!

      Video guide

      Here’s the video guide to this tool:


      By the time the bot is done grabbing the email addresses, the result file should look like this:

      Tool 2

      The second tool we’ll be using in this step is still to help us find the email addresses belonging to these construction projects leads. That is none other than the Company Email Finder.

      • On the Company Email Finder’s start page, paste in the website list we pasted in the last bot. But this time, without the www:

      That’s all you need to do. Just start the bot and go grab a drink 🍹 from the freezer while it runs. Cheers!

      Video guide

      Here’s the video guide for this bot:


      The result is out and here it is:

      Some of the businesses may return a “Not found” for emails. But you can always reach them on the phone or just visit them at the office.

      Now that you know how to get leads in construction business, here are some final tips for you:


      🟦 Launch the Email Validator

      🟦 Copy and paste the email addresses into the “Email” field

      🟦 Start the bot and wait for your results

      • After validating the email addresses, use them to make up a single email list in a separate Excel file and track your outreach progress in this table.
      • Read my guide on how to create a B2B sales leads database for more tips on how to use this bot for lead generation.

      Free trial for construction lead software tools

      At this point, I am quite certain you’re worried about how much these construction lead solutions will cost to access them.

      Well, first, I’m hyped to inform you that your free Botster account comes with a free trial period that grants you unrestricted access to all the automation tools on the platform. So for now, you don’t even need to worry about not being able to get leads for construction companies as described above.

      And by the time the free trial period is over, the prices of these tools combined cost less than you’d spend on a single brick 🧱 But their benefits for your business are wayyy bigger than that.

      So as a construction professional who just learned how to get construction leads online to grow his business, I see no reason to delay any further. Get your free Botster account today and find good leads for your business.

      Good luck!