5 Must-Have Tools to Measure Brand Awareness


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      Being a business owner and being a marketer have one thing in common: a busy schedule. And a busy schedule means you don't have time to waste on ineffective marketing campaigns ⏰ That's why it's so important to use brand awareness tools to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

      In this article, I will share some of the best automation tools that can help company owners measure brand awareness and reputation. These tools are easy to use and affordable, so you can start measuring your brand awareness today.

      In this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn:

      • A list of the best automated brand awareness measurement tools
      • How to use these tools to track your progress
      • Different brand awareness measurement techniques

      To show you how the automation tools I want to introduce to you actually work, I’ll measure the brand awareness of Mavi — a denim & apparel store 👖.

      Before we get to that though, let’s consider a few things.

      Why measure brand awareness

      Measuring brand awareness is like keeping tabs on how many people know about your company and recognize your brand. It's important for a few reasons:

      1. First, it helps to see if your ads and marketing are working. If more people recognize your brand after an ad campaign, it means your efforts are paying off.
      2. Second, it lets you know where you stand in the market. If lots of people know about your business, it shows that you're making a mark and getting noticed.

      Google Alerts is a popular tool that helps measure brand awareness online. It is a tool that lets you monitor the internet for specific topics, keywords, or phrases you're interested in. When new content, such as news articles or discussions, matches your chosen keywords, Google Alerts sends you email notifications with links to that content.

      You can see Google Alerts as your personal online detective. You tell it your brand name and your branded keywords, and it sends you updates whenever new stuff related to them pops up on the internet.

      👎 Google Alerts is a good brand awareness tool, but it has its downsides:

      • One, It might flood your inbox with too many alerts, making it hard to keep up.
      • Two, it might not catch everything, so you can't rely solely on it for all your information.
      • Also, it might not be as quick as you'd want, so you might miss out on really recent stuff.

      Keeping that in mind, I'll show you better alternatives in this step-by-step guide on  how to measure increase in brand awareness.

      How to measure brand awareness online by keywords?

      The search keywords used by potential clients and customers are one of the most important brand awareness measurement metrics because they can tell you:

      • What people are aware of about your brand.
      • What they are looking for when they think of your brand.
      • How they perceive your brand.
      • Which of your products or services are most in demand.
      • Where you need to improve your brand awareness.

      For example, you can track your brand name as a keyword and check if people are searching for your particular brand on Google. You can then proceed to check how many times they search for it per month.

      I have 3 metrics for measuring brand awareness to share with you here, all of which can be automated.

      3 brand awareness measurement tools

      Tool 1: Google Trends Related Keywords Exporter

      The Google Trends Related Keywords Exporter can extract information about related queries from Google Trends. I.e., you supply a keyword, and it extracts other keywords that are related to it.

      This is usually the first stage when you start measuring brand awareness.

      For instance, you can enter your brand name into the bot to see if people are searching about you online. If yes, then you can also see which other keywords people combine your brand name with during search.

      To be able to use this tool and other brand reputation monitoring tools in this guide, you must first create a free account on Botster. Registration is totally free and without stress:

      Once you’ve registered and confirmed your email address below, follow these steps to measure brand awareness:

      • Launch the Google Trends Related Keywords Exporter’s start page by clicking on “Start Bot”:

      • Name your job and set a folder if you so desire.

      I named mine “Mavi brand awareness measures” but left the folder box empty:

      • Select the period of time for the tool to fetch data for.

      If this is your first brand awareness measure, you can check for the past year or more:

      • Next, set the location you’re targeting.

      You can set this to worldwide if you want data for your global reach:

      • Now, enter your keywords; in this case the brand name:

      • Finally, set up email notifications and the file type you want for your results:

      • Click on “Start this Bot” to launch this brand measurement tool into action and Presto! You’re done.

      The “My Jobs” page automatically opens when you launch the bot into action and you can see the bot working to gather the data you requested.

      Video tutorial

      Watch me demonstrate how to launch the Google Trends Related Keywords Exporter in real time:


      Once the Google Trends Related Keywords Exporter is done, you’ll see this:

      You can click “View data” to instantly see your results online or you can choose to rerun the bot. You can also click on any of CSV, XLS, and JSON to download the result file.

      If you choose to see the results online, you’ll get this page:

      It is worth mentioning that not all of the data under “query” relate to the Mavi brand. Shivam Mavi, for instance, is an Indian international cricketer. However, Mavi jeans, Mavi pantolon, Mavi mont, and Mavi elbise all point back to the brand.

      To proceed with the measurement of brand awareness and brand perception, use the Search Volume and CPC Finder to check the search volume of the detected brand mentions as described later in this guide.

      Tool 2: Google People Also Ask and Related Searches Extractor

      Next up is the Google People Also Ask and Related Searches Extractor which can extract the search data in the “People Also Ask” and “Related Searches” sections on Google.

      This is also one of the ways to measure brand awareness.

      You can use this tool to check if people are actually searching for your brand, and if yes, then which other keywords do they combine it with?

      We’ll see:

      • Launch the Google People Also Ask and Related Searches Extractor’s start page and name your job.
      • Enter your search queries. You can enter more than one query, but each must be on a new line:

      • Next, select which data you wish to extract — "People also ask", "Related searches", or both:

      • Under the custom options, you can tune the bot to fetch results for specific devices.

      If your device is set to desktop, you can select Windows or MacOS:

      If your device is set to Mobile, you can select Android or iOS:

      • Next, set the preferred language and location. Make sure the name of your target location remains shown in the text box. You can do this by typing the name in full and then clicking anywhere outside of the text box.

      • Next, set if you’d like the bot to run periodically and also set up your scheduling:

      • Once that is done, click on “Start this Bot” to get things running and you’re done!

      As you can see, using these tools to measure brand awareness is as easy as it gets.

      Video tutorial

      Watch a short demo of how to launch this bot:


      Here’s the result of our last search:

      There are the keywords potential customers have been using to search for the brand on Google. Use the Search Volume and CPC Finder to check the search volume of the results as described below.

      Tool 3: Search Volume and CPC Finder

      One of the major metrics to measure brand awareness is the search volume of your keywords. Ideally, the higher your search volume, the wider your fame! 📢

      The Search Volume and CPC Finder lets us see how many times a particular keyword is searched on Google, and it exports the results in BULK.

      • Launch the Search Volume and CPC Finder's start page and name your job.
      • Under custom options, set a target region if you wish. But if you want results for global search, leave it on ‘Region independent’:

      • Now copy the keywords we got from the last brand awareness tool and paste them in the “Search keywords and phrases” box:

      • Finally, start the bot to launch it into action!

      Video guide

      Watch a quick video tutorial on how to use the Search Volume and CPC Finder:


      Within a few minutes, you’ll get your results:

      "Volume" refers to the number of searches a keyword received in the past one month while "1st position cost-per-click" refers to the price (USD) of the top-most ad on the Google search result page for that keyword.

      And that concludes the first part of this measurement of brand awareness and brand perception project!

      On a side note: If you’d like to leverage search engines to pull more potential customers to your website, my guide on how to find the best keywords for beauty products is a rich resource you should check out.

      That said, I’d like to now show you how to measure brand awareness from content marketing, specifically YouTube.

      How do you measure brand awareness and brand preference on YouTube?

      There are many reasons why you should measure brand awareness on YouTube:

      • To see how your marketing campaigns are performing.
      • To allocate your budget wisely: by knowing how well your brand is known, you can allocate your marketing budget more effectively.
      • To identify your target audience.
      • To create better content: When you know what your target audience knows about your brand, you can create content that is more relevant and engaging to them.
      • To measure the ROI of your YouTube campaigns.

      Now, how is brand awareness measured on YouTube?

      I have just the right answer to that!

      Tool 4: Brand measurement tool for YouTube

      The Youtube Keyword Scraper is a brand awareness tool you can use to collect YouTube data in BULK. With it, you can automatically extract searches about your brand on YouTube.

      Here’s how to use it:

      • Launch the Youtube Keyword Scraper’s start page and name your job.
      • Under "Custom options", I’d recommend you set it to “Region independent” while you can change the language as you please:

      • Set your desired search methods:

      • Set your preferred search depth i.e., the length of the suggestions you want. Except if you have special reasons I’d recommend you fetch as much depth as you can:

      • Finally, enter your brand keywords:

      • Now click on “Start this bot” and wait just a few seconds for the bot to compile your results.


      Here’s what the results look like here:

      The Mavi brand is of Turkish origin, hence the non-English results. You can use any of these keywords in your content strategy to further your marketing efforts.

      My guide on how to do keyword research for YouTube illustrates how to use this tool for proper YouTube keyword research.

      So far, I’ve shown you four brand awareness tools. I’ll quickly show you one more and then bring this guide to a close.

      How to measure increased brand awareness regularly?

      There are many reasons why it is important to regularly measure your brand awareness. It includes:

      • To track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.
      • To identify opportunities for improvement.
      • To compare your brand to your competitors.
      • To build brand equity. Brand equity is the value of your brand. It is based on factors such as brand awareness, brand loyalty, and brand image.

      Tool 5: Monitoring tool for real-time brand awareness measurement

      One of the best tools to measure brand awareness is the Brand and Keyword Monitor. This tool will monitor brand mentions and keyword mentions on Google, YouTube, and Twitter, and will send you notifications immediately after detecting a new mention.

      It is probably the most affordable among brand reputation monitoring tools out there. Here’s how to set it up:

      • Launch the Brand and Keyword Monitor’s start page and name your job.
      • Enter the keyword you wish to monitor. Essentially, this should be your brand name:

      • Enter the websites you’d like to not monitor. Ideally, this should contain your URL and any online marketplace you officially sell at:

      • Set up YouTube and Twitter monitoring by checking the boxes and entering keywords for them:

      • Set up time and scheduling based on your preference:

      • Now click on “Start this bot” and you’re done!

      Watch a quick video guide on how to launch the Brand and Keyword Monitor:

      The result of this bot is only sent through email, which is why it’s important that you verify your email address after registration. Also, consider forwarding your Gmail to Telegram. This is very convenient!

      Here’s what the email from this brand awareness tool looks like:

      The email contains no results since we’ve just set it up. But as soon as the brand name is mentioned somewhere, it will alert us immediately.

      Here are some tips on how to make the most of the results extracted by these brand awareness tools:

      • Take time to extract brand awareness data for your competitors and compare their metrics with yours to identify your strengths and weaknesses and also see how you stack up against others in your industry.
      • Leveraging the data you get from Google, YouTube, and Twitter, you can analyze the topics of your brand mentions on social media to understand what people are saying about your brand, what they like and dislike, and what issues or opportunities they raise.
      • Talking of monitoring brand awareness, my guide on how to check photo plagiarism can help you find websites where your products have been used online.

      Measuring brand awareness: Pricing

      At this point, I’m quite certain you’re wondering how much it will cost to gain access to such marvelous tools 💰

      Honestly, we could say they are free brand awareness measurement tools, considering how little they cost.

      Consider this:

      These prices, combined with the functionalities of these automation tools, truly make them the best brand awareness tools for business owners and marketers.

      All you have to do is open a Botster account right now and claim your free trial to get started!

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