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Monitoring bots
Reporting bots
Complex integrations
Data scraping
Web automation
Financial data
API workflows
Forwards incoming emails to Slack or Telegram messengers.
Сhecks if the email addresses you’ve provided are valid.
Finds all email addresses having the same domain.
Retrieves emails from LinkedIn profiles based on location and keywords.
Parses incoming emails into JSON format and forwards them as a POST request.
Extracts contact information e.g. emails, phones and links to social networks from a list of websites.
Sends periodic emails with new content from your subscriptions.
Scrapes all sorts of data from regular and business accounts on Instagram
Tracks the price of a specific product in a Shopfy store.
Shopify Product Inventory Tracker
Monitors an RSS feed and notifies you if changes are made.
Receive notifications when price of a product changes.
Forward JSON POST requests to your messengers
Sends an alert whenever a URL responds with anything other than 200
Delivers your GA traffic numbers grouped by the channel at a specified time period.
Extracts comments from any YouTube video.
YouTube View Monitor
Scrapes recent tweets that have a certain hashtag.
Shows Google search volume and CPC for a list of keywords.
Shopify Product Quantity Monitor
Checks a website's keywords rankings.
Extract list of products from Amazon based on a list of keywords.
Checks if the phone numbers are valid.

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