11 Handy Automation Tools for a Home-Based Leads Generation Specialist


      What can be more pleasant than helping businesses find their clients while lying relaxed on your sofa with a cup of hot tea in your hand? This is exactly what a sophisticated lead generation specialist does!

      No joking! This individual always has enough sleep, has a flexible schedule, can afford to work from anywhere in the world (even from a sunny beach villa 🏖️), easily combines work with personal life, and is a high achiever because he uses automation tools that literally work for him.

      Eager to have a job like this? Then read my guide on how to become a lead generation specialist home based!

      In this step-by-step walkthrough, you'll learn how to automate the following lead generation tasks:

      • Competitor research
      • Ads creation
      • Email outreach
      • Phone outreach
      • Email and phone validation

      Let’s take one branch as an example. Do you love cycling? I do! So let’s imagine that you are supposed to generate leads for a bike store 🚴‍♂️

      Our exciting bike ride tour is beginning!

      Competitor research tools for a leads generation specialist

      A horse never runs so fast as when it has other horses to catch up and outpace! 🐎 (© Ovid). A shrewd home business lead generation strategy always implies learning from your competitors’ mistakes and borrowing (and improving) their best-performing marketing approaches.

      I’ve got three brilliant competitor research tools that will help you automate and speed-up this time-consuming task!

      1. Google Search Scraper

      To make the most of this and all other tools described in this article, create a free account on Botster:

      Now we're good to go!

      Bot description

      So, what does the Google Search Scraper actually do? This bot exports up to 500 organic search results from Google SERPs for a provided list of keywords.

      Exported data

      The Google Search Scraper will export the following data into a spreadsheet:

      • Website’s position on SERP
      • URL
      • Domain
      • Title
      • Description

      Here is where these details actually come from:

      Have a look at this example file to understand what the results will look like.

      You can download the results extracted by this as well as all other bots as an Excel, CSV or JSON file. 💾 Read my tips below on how you can make the most of the exported results!

      Video tutorial

      Watch me show how the Google Search Scraper works in detail:


      Here are some ideas on how this bot can be helpful for a leads generation specialist working from home:

      • Read and analyze the snippets in the ‘Title’ and ‘Body’ columns of your bike store competitors that occupy the first 10 positions in Google Search. What makes them stand out? When writing your own titles and descriptions, use the best methods practiced by your competitors.

      • Use this bot to export domains. Domains are site URLs without http, https, www and other details, e.g. is an URL whereas is a domain. Some of my lead generation bots require domains as an input.

      2. Google Maps Scraper

      Bot description

      The Google Maps Scraper extracts information about different businesses and other places from Google Maps based on keywords.

      Exported data

      • Google Maps URL
      • Title
      • Rating
      • Rating count
      • Category (store, shop, etc.)
      • Address
      • Plus code (e.g. "QHRW+6F Financial District, San Francisco, CA")
      • Website
      • Phone number
      • Rank on maps
      • Working hours (Monday through Sunday)
      • Place ID
      • Latitude
      • Longitude

      Click to view an example output data file.

      And here's where the data comes from:

      Video tutorial

      Watch me demonstrate how to scrape information about your competitors from Google Maps in this video:


      • Sort the results descending by the ‘Rating’ column. Your top-most competitors will be on top of this list. As an experienced lead generation specialist, you must learn from them!

      • Copy your competitors’ Place IDs to extract real people’s reviews about these stores (using the next bot - the Google Review Extractor).

      3. Google Review Extractor

      Bot description

      The Google Review Extractor downloads users’ reviews about different companies and places from Google Maps.

      Exported data

      • Keyword
      • Position
      • Review text
      • Reviewed at
      • Owner's answer
      • Profile name
      • Profile URL
      • Profile image URL
      • Rating
      • Reviews count
      • Photos count
      • Is local guide? (yes / no)

      Have a look at this example output file for a better understanding of what the bot does.

      The reviews are exported from Google Maps directly:

      Video tutorial

      Watch a detailed video walkthrough of how to extract reviews from Google Maps:


      • What does a lead generation specialist do in this case? He reads the extracted reviews carefully and answers the core question: what do users like most about the competing bike store? Then he implements these insights in his ads campaigns (using the ads bots described below 👇).

      • Then, he reads bike shop owners’ answers to the reviews and gives recommendations to his client on how to establish contact with potential bike buyers and win them for their shop.

      Ads tools for a senior lead generation specialist

      Advertising makes the world go round! Its role in your lead generation specialist job can hardly be overestimated. Properly designed targeted ads will bring thousands of new leads to your clients.

      Luckily enough, your home based business lead generation efforts can be automated with the help of the following leading-edge ads tools:

      4. Google Ads Extractor

      Bot description

      The Google Ads Extractor scrapes ads from Google for a list of keywords.

      Exported data

      • Keyword
      • Ad type (paid / free)
      • Title
      • Description
      • URL

      Click to view the example data output for a better understanding.

      The data source looks like this:

      Video tutorial

      Watch this quick video guide on how to set up the bot:


      A smart sales lead generation specialist will do the following:

      • Analyze your competitors’ advertising titles and descriptions. Do you feel like buying a bike from them? Why (not)?

      • Take into account the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors’ ads when writing your own advertising texts.

      5. Domain Google Ads History bot

      Bot description

      The Domain Google Ads History bot returns advertising history for a list of domains.

      Exported data

      • Input URL
      • Title
      • Body
      • URL
      • Keywords
      • Date detected

      Click to view the example data file for a better idea of the output.

      The data is exported from this source:


      This is how an outsource lead generation specialist can make the most of this bot:

      • Read ad titles and descriptions carefully. Decide what you would like to borrow from them.

      • Check the keywords that your competitors’ ad texts rank for. Select the most appropriate keywords and include them in your ads.

      Sort the results ascending by the ‘Date detected’ column. Check how many ads your most successful competitors launch every day. Improve your ad posting strategy accordingly.

      6. Google Shopping Ads Scraper

      Bot description

      The Google Shopping Ads Scraper exports Google Shopping Ads from search result pages.

      Exported data

      • Search keyword
      • Type
      • Title
      • Price: current
      • Price: regular
      • Price: max value
      • Price: currency
      • Price is price range (true / false)
      • Price: displayed price
      • Source
      • Description
      • Marketplace
      • Marketplace URL
      • URL

      Have a look at the demo output file for a better idea of what the bot scrapes.

      The bot scrapes this data from the following source:


      The most frequent uses of this bot for an online lead generation specialist include the following:

      • To get more leads, your client needs to have attractive prices. Export their competitors’ prices using this bot and recommend your client to adjust their price policy to the market trends.

      • If your task is to generate leads for a particular bike model (e.g. Retrospec Beaumont City Bike), enter the name of this model into a special field on the Google Shopping Ads Scraper’s start page instead of just bike or bicycle.

      And remember: stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time! (© Henry Ford)

      Outreach tools for a home based business lead generator

      Attracting clients by bulk mailing and cold calling is one of the core lead generation specialist responsibilities. Let’s facilitate this task as long as we can!

      The tools enlisted below work mostly for B2B. Say, if your client wants to sell hundreds of bikes to sports centers, this is a perfect strategy to practice!

      7. Phone, Email and Contact Scraper

      Bot description

      The Phone, Email and Contact Scraper extracts contact information (e.g. emails, phones and links to social networks) from a list of websites.

      Exported data

      • Emails
      • Phone numbers
      • Whatsapp numbers
      • Accounts on different social networks

      Click to view the example data output for a better idea of the output.

      Video tutorial

      Watch me walk you through the email and phone number crawler bot's setup:


      As a B2B lead generation specialist you can use the following multi-step bot combination:

      8. Company Email Finder

      Bot description

      The Company Email Finder exports all email addresses having the same domain.

      Exported data

      • Domain
      • Email
      • URL of the page where the email was detected

      Click to view the example data output file for a better idea of the output.

      Video tutorial

      Watch a video walkthrough that explains how this bot works:


      • Use this bot to find emails of CEOs - being able to find business owners’ contacts is one of the most demanded lead generation specialist skills!

      9. LinkedIn Email Miner

      Bot description

      The LinkedIn Email Miner retrieves emails from LinkedIn profiles based on location and keywords.

      Exported data

      • Query
      • Location
      • LinkedIn profile URL
      • Email

      Have a look at this output data file for a better idea of what the bot does.

      Video tutorial

      Watch me explain how the tool works:


      A truly sophisticated lead generator specialist will export emails of people who may be interested in buying high-quality bikes. These may be:

      • Bike coaches
      • Bike champions
      • Sports center owners
      • And even Olympic Games participants! 🥇

      Validation tools for a leads generation specialist

      To speed up and optimize your work from home lead generation process, don’t neglect validation. Check if the emails and phone numbers you exported are real!

      10. Email Validator

      Bot description

      The Email Validator checks if the email addresses you’ve exported are valid.

      Exported data

      • Email address
      • Status (valid, invalid, safe, etc.)
      • Admin account (true / false)
      • Disposable account (true / false)
      • Has inbox full (true / false)
      • Is catch-all account (true / false)
      • Is deliverable (true / false)
      • Is disabled (true / false)
      • Mail servers
      • Email validity (valid / invalid)

      Click to view the example data output file for a better idea of the output.


      Every experienced lead generator specialist knows: timely validation can spare you dozens of useless operations! Here is a fast and simple email validation guide:

      • Launch the bot.
      • Sort the results descending by the ‘Email validity’ column:

      ✅ The valid emails suitable for your bulk-mailing campaign will be on top of this list.

      🚫 Delete the invalid emails (the ones at the bottom of the list) without hesitation. There is no sense in spending your time and resources on sending your emails to these addresses - they are going to fail.

      11. Phone Number Validator

      Bot description

      The Phone Number Validator checks if the phone numbers you exported are valid.

      Exported data

      • Phone
      • Valid (true / false)
      • Number
      • Local format
      • International format
      • Country prefix (e.g. +49)
      • Country code (e.g. DE)
      • Country name
      • Location
      • Carrier (if available)
      • Line type (e.g. mobile)

      Click to view the example data output file for a better idea of the output.

      Video guide

      Watch me explain how to launch this tool:


      A freelance lead generation specialist that is responsible for cold calling knows how to bulk-check phone numbers for validity literally in one click:

      • Launch the bot.
      • Sort the results descending by the ‘Valid?’ column:

      ✅ The valid phone numbers for your cold-calling campaign will be on top of this list.

      🚫 Delete the invalid phones (the ones at the bottom of the list).

      Now you know how to be a lead generation specialist and succeed! The trick lies in automation. Delegate all possible tasks to smart little bots, and they will help you become a reputable and demanded expert.

      Lead generation specialist duties and responsibilities also include elaborating a proper blogging and social media strategy. I have so many automation tools meant for these purposes but, sadly enough, it’s time to finish this post 🤷‍♂️ I promise to write yet another guide for you - the one devoted to blogging and social media for home-based leadgen specialists. Follow my blog if you don’t want to miss it!

      Also, I’ve got some free ready-made lead generation strategies that every outsource lead generation specialist can use. They refer to such branches as car sales, insurance, logistics and lawyer’s services (and I’m planning on more!). Check them if you generate leads for clients working in these industries:

      Automate lead generation, work from home and enjoy helping companies grow their client base!