Lead Generation Hacks: How to Export Instagram Followers and Followings?


      Have you ever thought of Instagram as of a rich pool of real people each of whom is your potential client? To me, it’s none other than that! Yet working with each of these people’s profiles individually may be pretty time-consuming. Things get even worse if you are an SEO specialist (like myself) and have dozens of client websites longing for new leads – unless you know how to scrape Instagram followers and followings using cutting-edge software tools!

      Below I’ll draw a real-life example of how you can extract Instagram followers and followings in no time (and for almost no money 🤑) using three advanced tools from my personal collection. Actually, I have quite a number of Instagram bots, but when speaking about lead generation, three of them really hit the spot!

      Web scraping Instagram followers and followings: a real-life example

      One of my current clients is an online book shop 📚. What they want is to sell more books (logically enough). One of my tasks as their SEO expert is to find and attract more readers to this shop and to make them want to buy books in this particular shop. For this purpose, I can’t think of a better lead generation source than Instagram!

      Hereinafter, I’ll demonstrate how you can combine several online bots to work together basing on the example of this book shop. It doesn’t matter what you sell; in fact, it doesn’t even matter if you sell anything! You can apply my strategy described below to virtually any business sphere, from selling car wheels 🚙 to nail design 💅.

      In my work, I usually stick to the following strategy:

      • Step 1: Find competitors on Instagram
      • Step 2: Export all Instagram followers of the competitors found
      • Step 3: Contact competitors’ followers directly
      • Step 4: Export Instagram following list for each competitor
      • Step 5: Partner with the most prominent Instagram influencers from the competitors’ followings

      Step 1: Finding competitors

      To find the competitors of the book shop, I just entered ‘book shop’ into the Instagram search field:

      One of the competitors found has a blue check mark, meaning that this account is verified. I’m clicking on this profile to check how many followers it has:

      93,9 thousand followers, with each of them apparently being interested in books. This means that I’ve just found 93,9 thousand potential book buyers. Not bad! My client is definitely going to be happy with my efforts 💪

      Step 2: Instagram follower export

      I could spend hours copy-pasting this competitor’s Instagram followers into an Excel table and staring fixedly into my screen... but I’m smarter than that! 😎 I’ll tell you how to export followers from Instagram automatically, with minimum personal effort.

      To reduce the time spent on doing routine tasks to a minimum, I always use the Instagram Followers Scraper. This bot can export list of followers from Instagram for any account that is publicly open. That’s exactly what I’m going to do now.

      My Instagram Follower Scraper is smart, fast and very easy to use. Here’s a short description of how I’m going to use it for the means of promoting the book shop mentioned above:

      1. I’m heading to the bot’s start page:

      2. Naming my job accordingly:

      3. Specifying how many profiles I would like the IG follower export tool to scrape (actually, I want to retrieve all of them since this will spare me the job of finding more competitors, but you can scrape as many as you need):

      4. Now I need to copy the Instagram link of the competitor’s profile. I’m going back to Instagram and copying the URL:

      5. I’m pasting this URL into a special field on the start page of the Instagram followers export tool:

      6. Next, I’m setting the Instagram followers extractor to send me a notification once it has completed its crawl. I also prefer to get an Excel file attached to my email since this is very convenient:

      7. Finally, I’m clicking on the green button to launch the bot:


      Here’s the table that I received in just a couple of minutes (this is just a small part of the table – in fact, it consists of as many as 93,9 thousand lines with all the followers’ profiles enlisted in it):

      The IG followers export tool has scraped the following data for me:

      • URL
      • Profile ID
      • Profile URL
      • User name
      • Full name
      • Avatar URL
      • Verified (yes / no)

      To get a better idea of what your resulting spreadsheet may look like, see the example output data file.

      Step 3: Scrape Instagram followers emails and other contacts

      Now that I’ve got such a long list of potential book buyers, I can do one of the following things:

      • Contact them directly on Instagram
      • Retrieve their emails for bulk mailing
      • Retrieve their phone numbers for cold calls
      • Retrieve their phone numbers for contacting them via SMS or, which is even more effective, via messengers such as Telegram or WhatsApp

      I will extract Instagram users’ contacts using the Instagram Profile Scraper. This online tool can export addresses, retrieve phone numbers, extract emails from Instagram followers accounts, and many more. Here’s the full list of the exported data:

      • Profile URL
      • Profile image URL
      • Profile name
      • Full name
      • Instagram ID
      • Posts count
      • Followers count
      • Following count
      • Bio
      • Is business account? (true / false)
      • Email from bio
      • Business email
      • Business phone number
      • Business address
      • Website URL
      • Verified? (true / false)
      • Common friends count
      • Private? (true / false)
      • My relationship
      • Latest post date

      To get to know how to use the Instagram followers email scraper, watch this comprehensive video:

      Step 4: Extract Instagram following list

      Yet contacting potential book buyers is far not the only strategy to follow. Another powerful way of promoting your brand is partnering with Instagram influencers.

      Our competitor - - is a large company. Such companies never practice random mass following, they only follow trustworthy and influential accounts. This means that exporting this competitor’s followings will help me create a database of powerful Instagram influencers.

      This is where the Instagram Followings Scraper comes into play: this awesome bot retrieves ALL contact types during one session and is extremely easy to use! Let me show you how to check someone's following on Instagram basing on the example of my client’s book shop:

      1. I’m opening the bot’s start page:

      2. Selecting how many profiles I would like the Instagram following scraper to check:

      3. Pasting the competing book shop’s account URL into a special field:

      4. Setting up notifications:

      5. And starting the bot:

      Here’s the information that the Instagram following checker has retrieved for me:

      In particular, the table contains the following fields:

      • URL
      • Profile ID
      • Profile URL
      • User name
      • Full name
      • Avatar URL
      • Verified? (yes / no)

      To get a better idea of the output, take a look at the example file.

      Step 5: Partnering with IG influencers

      You might be wondering what I am going to do with this pool of information. The answer is simple: I’ll sort the accounts retrieved depending on whether they are verified or not (column G):

      Why is this important? You’ll be surprised to know that only a small proportion of Instagram accounts are verified. Verification means that your Instagram account is authentic and really connected with a notable public figure, celebrity or global brand.

      This is exactly what I need: I want some public figures, celebs or global brands to promote my client’s book shop for a (hopefully small or at least reasonable) fee.

      Next, I’ll check the verified accounts manually and choose the ones with the largest number of followers (preferably, over 10,000). That’s because I want book-loving Instagram influencers to trumpet my client’s book shop to as many people as possible! 📢

      Here’s what I’m going to ask them to do:

      • Follow the Instagram account of my client’s book shop
      • Publish a post about my client’s book shop on their page (I can prepare the text and the images on my own to accelerate the process)
      • Create some Instagram stories about the book shop
      • Announce the book shop’s discounts or events
      • Repost the book shop’s posts and stories
      • ...And many more!

      FAQ about how to scrape Instagram followers and followings

      You might be interested to know which results my client’s book shop has achieved since then. I’m proud to say that it has boosted its sales thrice and has started delivering books not only to the US cities but also to the neighboring Canada. We are also discussing expansion to other English-speaking countries but this is yet another summit to reach!

      As you can see, nothing is impossible, especially if you use the golden opportunities for brand promotion offered by Instagram. To conclude, let me answer some of my readers’ most common questions about exporting Instagram followers and followings:

      Can you export Instagram followers if you have no Instagram account?

      Yes, you can! The Instagram Followers Scraper is here to help you.

      How to extract Instagram followers list online?

      Create a free account on Botster, paste the Instagram account URL into a special field on the Instagram Followers Scraper’s start page, specify the number of the profiles to scrape, and launch the bot. The resulting table will contain a list of Instagram followers with the most important account details.

      How to export Instagram following list fast?

      Sign up on Botster, paste the Instagram account URL into a special field on the Instagram Followings Scraper’s start page, specify the number of the profiles to scrape, and launch the bot. The resulting table will contain a list of Instagram followings with the most important account details.

      How to export your Instagram followers online?

      Paste the URL of your Instagram account into a special field on the Instagram Followers Scraper’s start page and launch the bot. The software will retrieve all the followers of your account.

      How to export Instagram followers to Excel or CSV?

      Launch the Instagram Followers Scraper. Once it’s done, click on the menu in the top right corner and select “Download results (XLS)” or “Download results (CSV)”. The file will be automatically saved to your computer. Alternatively, you can export the table to Google Sheets or download it as a JSON file.

      Last but not least!

      Here is a couple of useful lifehacks as an icing on the cake for my most persistent readers ❤️ who have made it through this post till the very end:

      How can I check common followers of two Instagram accounts belonging to different people?

      1. Launch the Instagram Followers Scraper twice (once for each of the two profiles).
      2. Download the resulting tables in the Excel format.
      3. In each of the tables, sort the data ascending by User name.
      4. Copy the data from both tables into one table.
      5. Use Ctrl+F to find the same user names or compare the lists manually.

      How to check your most followed follower on Instagram online?

      1. Copy your Instagram account URL.
      2. Paste it into a special field on the Instagram Followers Scraper’s start page and launch the bot.
      3. Download your followers list as an Excel file.
      4. Copy profile URLs from the table received.
      5. Paste them into a special field on the Instagram Profile Scraper’s start page and launch the bot.
      6. Download the results as an Excel file.
      7. Find the “Followers count” column and sort the results descending by this column. Your most followed follower will be number one in this list.

      How to find verified accounts following you on Instagram and export them?

      1. Copy your account URL.
      2. Paste it into a special field on the Instagram Followers Scraper’s start page and launch the bot.
      3. Download your followers list as an Excel file.
      4. Find the “Verified?” column and sort the results descending by this column. The accounts having “yes” will be on top of this list.

      How to check someone's Instagram followers without following them online?

      Use the Instagram Followers Scraper. It retrieves an account’s followers after you’ve entered the account URL. There is no need to follow (and later unfollow) any of them.

      How to check Instagram profile without following them on IG?

      Use the Instagram Profile Scraper. You won’t need to follow the accounts that you are going to scrape. You’ll only need to copy and paste the account URLs.

      Generate excitement – generate new leads!